Monday, July 21, 2014

Some Jersey BESTS...

Good Morning, folks!  How ya'll doing this morning??  Wanna know how I'm doing??  DONE with eatingJ  Done, done & done.  Know the feeling??J  We had WAYYYY too much fun and too many good eats this weekend, that Scott & I vowed that we shall not be eating again until approximately next June....or something  like thatJ  

We DID at least spend Saturday morning at the farmer's market stocking up on TONS of fresh fruits & veggies for the week.  Katie, meanwhile, decided to sample her way through the market housing tons of blueberries, a peach and lots of fresh Jersey 'matoes.'J
Photo: Housing blueberries, tomatoes & peaches at the market today. Katie:  Consuming Jersey's finest since 2012󾍇

But by Saturday night we were up to some shenanigans when we drove down to Point Pleasant for the night and made a stop at the FRANTIC AND SUPER PACKED "Surf Taco."  I should say this was my SECOND attempt to go to this place, since it was also WAY too crowded back at lunchtime in MID-OCTOBER!  So I'm not sure if this place is ever not hustling & bustling.  But there IS a good reason since their food is SPOT ON.  I got a combo platter of Garlic Shrimp Tacos & the original Surf Taco. (seemed appropriate)

To be honest, I couldn't tell you really the difference between either since the main star of the show wasn't the fresh fish but the toppings that were BURSTING with flavors.  The cilantro sauce, tangy tomato salsa & shredded cabbage tasted SO fresh and clean that you could tell why this place was SOOOOO packed ALL.THE.TIME!  And don't even get me started on my love of lime juice sprinkled over EVERYTHING.  Nothing tastes fresher!

Katie, meanwhile, DUG her favorite rice & beans....and of course a zillion and a half tortilla chipsJ

After that, we headed to the beach to burn off some calories in the form of kickball on the sand and trying to keep Katie out of the least as best as we couldJ

And of course we couldn't make a trip to Point Pleasant without a stop at our favorite ice cream place:  Hoffman's.  Thankfully when we got there we only had to wait for 25 'numbers.'  By the time we left, people were waiting for 50.  5-0.  

It never fails to be worth it, though.  I was all "Mint Chocolate Chip" my ENTIRE (25 minute) wait....only to get up to the counter and see this "Jersey Monkey" ice cream staring me in the face.  Banana ice cream with CHUNKS of Chocolate chip & peanut butter was SUCH a perfect combo.  Fresh & sweet.  Reminded me of those banana & chocolate bomb pops I used to LOVE from the ice cream truck as a kid!  MemmmoriesJ

And Sunday brought even MORE shenanigans when we celebrated my Mother-in-law's birthday at Mafalda's!  Which started with one of THE BEST salads I've ever tasted EVER...packed with Italian meats, cheeses, tomatoes, artichokes, hot peppers and dressed in an absolutly DIVINE balsamic vinaigrette & lots of Parmesan cheese.   This plate was SERIOUSLY HUGE and we polished off nearly every last drop between the six of us dining.
Photo: Tasted like Christmas (aka-the best compliment I can give󾍇)
It got my "tastes like Christmas" stamp of approval, which is pretty much the highest 'food rank' I can giveJ

For our main course, Katie & I split the "Sunday Gravy," which not only came out PIPPING hot (as if it went directly from pan to plate to table), but was pretty much PERFECT in its balance of tomato & meat flavors over perfectly cooked angel hair pasta.  Not to mention some of the BEST meatballs EVER.  And I consider myself QUITE the meatball connoisseur, if I do say so myselfJ  We all have talentsJ
Photo: BEYOND delicious dinner!!!

And things JUST kept getting crazier when we got back to the house to finish the evening with birthday cake in the form of this MOUNDS BAR CAKE "Katie & I" madeJ  Here she is keeping an eye out...

Chocolate cake layered with coconut cream icing, coconut filling...

...and, oh yeah, drizzled with chocolate ganache.
It doesn't get much more decadent than that!

So NOW do you understand why we are DONE, DONE, DONE????  And this is coming off the SECOND weekend in a ROW where we were DONE, DONE, DONE (and that one included fried chicken and BACON!)  Definitely time to buckle up and get serious.  This bod is in NEED of lots of NON-CAKE & NON-TORTILLA CHIP items.  I have 2 'event' meals this week, but planning for everything & in between to be as healthy as I can get.  It's all part of the balance!  Ya gotta get serious if you're gonna also be able to have MOUNDS BAR CAKEJ

Hope you guys ALSO have a happy & healthy Monday!

Off to kickboxing I go...

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