Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Random trifecta...

Morning, all!  Well, yet another busy weekend flew by with TONS of summer fun and not a whole lotta food photos from the weekend...oppps!  I actually had REMEMBERED to bring my camera a couple places and STILL forgot to take photosJ  One step closer though...amiright??J

The only pics I got were these AWESOME tacos we got from Mogo Korean Fusion Taco on the boardwalk at Asbury Park.  (they also have a restaurant on the main street in Asbury.)  I tried both the Korean beef topped with Asian pico de gallo.. 

...and the shrimp, topped with sliced cucumbers, red peppers & onions...
What I loved about them (besides eating them with a prime ocean view) was how FRESH everything tasted.  The beef was tender and perfectly seasoned, while the cool shrimp was complimented by all the fresh, crunchy toppings.  Two thumbs WAY up for these babies!  A pretty big step up for your normal beach fare, no???J

Oh...and I also got a picture of this NUTELLA ICE CREAM CAKE that I had made for our dessert on Sunday night.  Ummmmm....Nutella coated rice krispies mixed with (Slow churned) vanilla ice cream??  Ummmm...you can get behind that, right??J
And again, that ALL circles us right back to Monday!  Maybe NEXT weekend I'll do better with the 'weekend recap photos'J

Monday Recap:

9:30am:  Breakfast- Coconut Cream Larabar

12:00pm:  Lunch- 1 Slice of leftover pizza from Treno (dinner on Friday night...not pictured)

3:00pm:  Snack-  Plum 

+ a Chocolate Peanut Butter Skinnygirl bar
Not usually a big fan of eating "2 bars in one day," but after the DELICIOUS plum wasn't really cutting it in the 'filling department,' I cracked open this box of treats from my girl Bethenny that I had gotten from Target on Friday.

These were filling from the protein and were VERY 'candy bar-esq'!  They were chewy, gooey and sprinkled with enough salt to bring out all the flavors.  If you want a sweet treat in the afternoon, skip the vending machine and grab one of these babies!  I guarantee they'll cure any cravings and keep you full for the rest of the afternoon.

5:30pm:  Dinner- Classic Summer dinner! 
Remember I missed out on this on Thursday??  Well, it finally made its appearance yesterday...complete with corn on the cob!  Can't get more summer than this mealJ 

Workout:  Beginner's Power Yoga

And once I got home, I tucked right back into my book that I've been OBSESSED with since I picked it up from the library on Saturday... (I know, I'm only 96 years behind the rest of the planet by JUST reading this now...but better late then neverJ)

...and speaking of the library, tell me THIS isn't the most random trifecta of books ever picked up at the same time..J 
Drama, comedy and some new age-ness for my "yoga self," I couldn't help cracking up every time I saw these all stacked together on my night standJ  You guys have any good recommendations???

Alrighty...well, I left Katie with a pack on markers & a notebook to keep her busy while I wrote this post.  I should probably find out what surfaces the markers ALSO graced while I typed awayJ hahahhaaha

Have a great Tuesday!J

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