Thursday, July 10, 2014

Needs improvement...

Wednesday Recap:

9:30am:  Breakfast- Almond & Coconut KIND bar
My breakfast every day of the week thus far, they are just soooo delicious.  Filling and filled to the brim with coconut and HONEY!  Yum!

Morning Workout:  Power Yoga
Had to thank my teacher yesterday morning since his class is SO dedicated to strength & focus and I've felt both enhance 500Fold since I've been taking his class regularly.  I might not be the skinniest gal in the room, but my strength has made me feel more confident in myself than I've ever felt in all my 35 yearsJ.  Thanks, Del!

12:30pm:  Lunch-  Open-faced peanut butter, banana, granola & honey sandwich
Who says ya need the top half of the bread to make a sandwich??  Katie happily polished the other half and saved me about 70 calories.  Plus, who doesn't love that you can taste the HONEY even MORE without the extra bread??  I don't hate on that, THAT'S for sureJ

5:00pm:  Dinner- Salad 
I had attempted to make a "Jersey salad" with the help of all of Jersey's bests:  Blueberries, fresh corn & tomatoes....but I think I need to work with it a bit more before giving you the 'recipe.'  It wasn't too bad, but not as good as it can beJ  I'm sure I'll be posting a revision soonJ

Evening Workout:  Body Jam
One of my favorite routines last night which helped me give another 120% even though I wasn't THAT energetic before I started.  Another example of where my energy IMPLODED at the moment I thought I had none left.  Sometimes ya just gotta GET UP!

8:00pm:  Dessert- Cup of vanilla ice cream (no pics)

Well...after yesterday's BESTPANCAKES post, this one seems kinda dull, huh?J  At least I know I'll have a (hopefully) yummy dinner to show you tomorrow since it's already cooking away in my slow cookerJ  We've got that going on, as well as Katie's first Swim class tonight!  I'm soooooooooo excitedJ  It's 30 minutes long, so I'm guessing she's going to be scared for the first 28 and then have a blast for the last 120 secondsJ hahahahahahaha....we shall seeJ

Have a great Thursday!

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