Friday, July 25, 2014


Thursday Recap:

Workout:  Tone it Up Kettlebell Workout + Cardio Kickboxing class 
Ummmmm....who thought this would be a good idea???  Oh...that's right: my own self-induced torture, as both were KILLERS in their own right.  Holy hell, I'm still feelin this combo!

8:30am:  Breakfast- Banana Smoothie  (post-kettlebell/pre-kickboxing class)

11:30am:  Snack- Iced Oatmeal Raisin Luna bar
I liked this flavor so much that I just housed another one as I typed thisJ

And after that, that's where the fun began as we headed off to the Jersey Shore last night to celebrate Nona's birthday!

We DID have a lunch of Chinese food (that was just WAY too unphotogenic for me to share...remind me never to get shrimp in lobster sauce again, K??),  but neither of us could resist the good smells of the ole boardwalk and just HAD to split a sausage sandwich with fresh lemonade...yum!

After that, we headed to the aquarium and then to my shock of all shocks:  Katie's new love for rides!!!

You MAY remember last year's EXTREMELY unsuccessful attempt...

...but this year, my girl gave Nona QUITE the birthday surprise and attacked all those rides with a furyJ

All capped off with the FREE Thursday night firework display right from Point Pleasant beach.  I mean, does it get better than that???

And since it was a "classic shore night," I DEFINITELY had to capped off the night with a CLASSIC shore treat from Kohr's Ice Cream...aka. The BEST custard on the boardwalk!  I LOVEEEEE me some custard & jimmies!
Does anywhere else in the country call these Jimmies???  Even Scott, who grew up about 45 minutes north of here, never heard of it.  Psht!  Jimmies ALL. THE. WAY!

Well, that was a quick blog, but I had to try to get this up before I ran out the door again for some yoga and my THIRD attempt to take Katie blueberry pickingJ  Hope you guys have some great plans for the weekend!  

Have a great one!

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