Wednesday, July 2, 2014

All for under $8...

Soooooo....before I start my recap, anyone want to know what Katie was busy doing while I typed yesterday's post??  The answer was:

1.- Magic Marker lipstick application...

2.- Finding and sticking many of my scrapbook stickers....aka-the stickers a craft store will charge an arm and a leg for in the name of 'adorably preserved memories.'  Yep....THOSE. 
Can't blame herJ  Thankfully today she's happily eating yogurt & strawberries as I type thisJ  Although I still have to type FAST.  "Little Einsteins" only last so longJ  (ya'll know what I'm talkin about!!J)


Tuesday recap:

9:30am:  Breakfast-  Cinnamon Vanilla English Muffin 
I sooooooooooooo got suckered into buying these when I was browsing the bread aisle and smelled the INCREDIBLE scent of cinnamon & vanilla swirling around my head.  These damn things would make an awesome air fresher, THAT'S how good they smell!  Oh yeah...and they tasted really good tooJ  

11:00am:  Snack- Plum

1:00pm:  Lunch- Pasta with butter
Yep...the hottest day of the year so far & I ate FALL pasta.  No other words needed.

There's the candy bar in all it's glory.  JUST. SO. GOOD!

7:00pm:  Dinner- YEP....
So, after my very-FALL lunch, I had deemed yesterday just TOO. DAMN. HOT to cook or even really eat. (who am I??)  Oh....did I mention the part where I hadn't been outside all day while Scott WORKED outside all day???  Yep.  There's something wrong with me...or I was just 'feelin his pain.'

We'll go with the laterJ

Anyway, a 'Buy one/get one free' expiring coupon to our favorite frozen yogurt place just BEGGED us to be used.  (no worries- Scott also had some leftover chicken for dinner and Katie had some beans & cheese.  I wasn't starving them in the name of my frozen yogurt dinner madness.)  

Katie approved of this venture...

...and after 'dinner,' Katie also got a trip to the zoo...otherwise known as the neighboring pet storeJ  Can't beat an entire night out for her for under $8....hahahahahahaJ

Well, that's our shenanigans of Tuesday.  That and that I also finished "The Secret Life of Bees" (LOVED!!!) and am onto my Chelsea Handler book....which may or may not have fallen on my face last night while I was trying to read in bed.  Ahem....

Have a great Wednesday!J

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