Thursday, July 17, 2014

A glimpse into the future...

Wednesday Recap:

10:00am:  Breakfast - KIND bar
I just wasn't hungry yesterday morning, but was regretting that this was my only breakfast about 3 minutes into my Power Yoga class...since THAT was the moment I decided to be RAVISHEDJ  And try doing a one-arm/one-leg down dog when you're ravished...aka- it's not too easyJ

Morning Workout:  That exhausted Power Yoga class
Ravished and HOTTTTT....even though it wasn't THAT hot out yesterday, but I think the class sweat about 40 collective buckets worthJ  Not sure if I want to blame the plethora of standing splits or my teacher throwing in push-up sets on already exhausted arms.  I'm tired just thinking about it.

12:30pm:  Lunch- Laughing Cow "Caprese Salad"
OBSESSED...OBSESSED, I TELL YOU!  I just can't get enough of this fresh flavor combo right now!  Not to mention, this was also the fastest thing I could throw in my face after classJ  I may or may not have also had some saltines with more Laughing Cow after cause I was just SOHUNGRY.

2:00pm:  Snack- Chocolate Peanut Butter bar

Evening Workout:  Body Jam
Sweat like a loonytoon through this class too!  Seesh

7:00pm:  Dinner- Poutine Fries, Salad & Corn on the cob hear me out:  My plans for summer soup were just NOT happening given the sunny skies last night and this bag of fries was SCREAMING out to me in the freezer.  OK...its kinda had been screaming since I bought it MANY, MANY months ago, but I just couldn't figure out how to serve these without it being a TOTAL disaster in the calorie department.  Sandwich and Poutine fries??  Just too much...

Soooooooooo....instead of having it as a side, I called it the MAIN STAR of the show with a bunch of healthy veggies as its co-stars.  Not tooooo bad of an idea, if I do say so myself.  Plus, who doesn't love the excuse to have fries FOR dinnerJ

Poutine is a Canadian specialty, which we seemed to have missed out on in not one, but TWO trips up North.  Don't even ask me how this happens, cause I can't even explain it.  But Trader Joe's version of this gravy & cheese curd smothered fries held us over pretty well till we make our next trip somedayJ

We also got Katie into the dinner act, but teaching her the VERY critical skill of shucking corn... 

....and by critical I mean: A job we're passing off to her someday in the hopeful near futureJ 

Katie, here is your futureJ 

8:00pm:  Dessert- Scoop of Smores ice cream 

Well, we have a beautiful day on the horizon in NJ and I'm thinking me & Miss Katie need to GET. OUT for the day and enjoy the coooooool breeze which is just OH-SO-RARE in mid-July NJ.  No worries, as I'm sure I'll be back to hibernating in the air conditioner within a week's timeJ 

Have a great Thursday!J  

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