Wednesday, July 9, 2014

1 hour east...

Hey, ya'll!  Well, I told you guys I would have some FUN eats for you today and do I ever!  They come courtesy of this restaurant named "Toast" in Asbury Park...

Besides my love of the name (you guys KNOW my LOVE OF TOAST!), what made this place even more appealing was the fact that the waiting patrons are always streaming out the door on weekend mornings.  So in an attempt to skip the rush, we headed over yesterday afternoon and got seated right away (ps-they are open till 3pm every day)

We sat down and immediately started to pour over there "WAYYYY TOO MANY GOOD OPTIONS" menu...

...but thankfully they gave me one of my favorite options, as someone who loves TASTING rather than too much of one thing:  I could order a SINGLE pancake of two of their best sounding options!  Oh happy dayJ

You know I just HAD to sample their red velvet pancake, which was slightly sweet, slightly tangy and served with....are you ready??  CREAM CHEESE FROSTING!  OH YES THEY DID!

But even that pancake couldn't possibly compare to their CARROT CAKE PANCAKE, which may just be one of the BESTPANCAKESEVER!  (Clinton Street, Brownstone & Saranac Sourdough are right up there too!)
Shredded carrots, raisins and walnuts are speckled throughout this SPICED PANCAKE BATTER!  And when I say 'spiced,' I mean SPICED!  It tasted like a combo of pumpkin & Gingerbread and made my brain swirl with images of falling leaves & twinkling lightsJ  PACKED with flavor and ummm....drizzled with icing??  Can't ever hate on that.  NO, seriously:  GO GET THIS PANCAKE NOW if you're a lover of all things FALL flavored!  I think no matter what I order from "Toast" (and we already plan to go back and try some of their sandwiches!), it will be served with a side of Carrot Cake pancakeJ  JUST SOOOOOOOO GOOD!

I'd even say it was better than Scott's NUTELLA stuffed french toast...and how far off of PHENOMENAL can that be to begin with??J 
Not far, TRUST!  The french toast was tender and slightly crisp all surrounding the NUTELLA center.  This should be OK to count as breakfast EVERY dayJ hahahahahahhaa

And as if I need one more reason to give Toast a thumbs up, this happened:
You know you love itJ

After lunch, we headed a few blocks over to the beach.  Where, despite it being OHSOHOT at home, the shore was about 20 degrees cooler and WINNNNNDDDDDYYYYYYYYY!!!  We couldn't stay too long since it was SOCOLD but that didn't stop Katie from spending nearly every last moment getting her toes wet in the FREEZING oceanJ
Hopefully in AUGUST it'll be warm enough to swim...but NOT YET!  And I thought for sure yesterday was gonna be the day of a 'family swim,' given that it was 94 & HUMID over in these parts.  Crazy what driving an hour East can doJ

And since Katie PASSED OUT the moment the car moved an inch, we waited till we got home to get her requested ICE CREAM for the dayJ  Which isn't too bad, given that Swal Dairy is some of the best ice cream you can get ANYWHERE and we visit there WAY too infrequently... 
The only problem with Swal is that there are TOO MANY GOOD OPTIONS!  We thankfully arrived at a time when it was empty, so we were able to wander up & down the ice cream lane and sample a few....which actually only makes it more difficult to chooseJ

I knew I was in the mood for PEANUT BUTTER, but even I got a little over zealous once I tasted the CHOCOLATE COCONUT...
I almost NEVER order a chocolate ice cream, but the coconut texture was SO strong that it was just too perfect to pass upJ

And guess who else loved it?? 
I guess her typical' vanilla soft serve with jimmies' will get the BOOT from here on out over the chocolate ice cream that she INHALED.  It was only a matter of time, I supposeJ  HahahahahahahahaJ

Well, I better get ready to head off to yoga...OH, and I have to tell you about 2 great books I've read in the last few days (I'm on a reading kick!)...

If you love Caroline Manzo from Real Housewives of NJ, you'll love this book!  Great stories about her life and advice, Caroline-style...which is NO BS...which I lovvvvveJ 

And if you love yoga and all of the great mental transformations it enhances, GET UP and GO GET THIS BOOK NOW!  I'm actually returning it to the library today, but plan on buying a copy of it so I can underline all of the sentence that "got to me"....which was pretty much every other sentenceJ  Made me realize how much of yoga I 'understood' before I was ever taught, which is pretty darn coolJ 

Alrighty, now I've said WAY more than enoughJ  Hope you guys have a great Wednesday!

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