Friday, June 6, 2014

Tracking progress...

 Thursday Recap:

Workout:  40 minutes of dance...and practicing some yoga moves...J
Photo: 2 month progress.  Slowly but surely I'll 'cirque de soliel' this one󾍇󾍛
The pic on the left was from March and the one on the right was yesterday.  It was crazy to have a visual of how much more flexible my upper back has gotten in such a short time.  A reminder that pictures are a GREAT way to track your progress & keep you weight loss OR in crazy arm balancesJ

OK.  Shameless brag ending....NOWJ

LOVED. THIS. RECIPE!  Definitely a weekend-er, but SUCH a great way to use the FABULOUS strawberries that are so prevalent this time of year!  It was a little more work making your own strawberry jam (which took about 15-20 minutes of simmering and the occasional stir)...

...and toasted oats (although soooooooooo worth the extra few minutes to give them SUCH a great, nutty flavor)... 
...but all elements combined made for one SPECTACULAR breakfast.  That little bit of effort made it EXTRAORDINARY.  I made 1/2 the recipe and still had enough for a quick reheat of leftovers today.  Had I thought ahead, I would have made the ENTIRE recipe and enough for FOUR days of quick reheats!  A great way to make a 'tougher' breakfast on the weekends that you can just 'reheat & eat' within minutes during the hectic week!
Oh yeah...and the coconut cream didn't WHIP into peaks as I had dreamed (the can of full fat cream must have frozen & defrosted sitting on the top shelf of my fridge for a little while), but even just a little bit of the 'non-whipped' cream gave it just enough decadence to make it extra creamy-dreamy.  Oh la laJ

11:30pm:  Snack- Almond & Coconut KIND bar
One of my very favorite granola bar of all-time.  It's almond & coconut-y goodness drenched by HONEY.  In other words:  FABULOUS!  

1:00pm:  Lunch- Leftover Mexican Chicken over lettuce
True, the avocado didn't fare very well reheated in the microwave (hence my 'reused picture' from Monday), but the chicken was just as good the second time around.  Sooo good...but, ummmm, reserve the avocado before reheating for a prettier dishJ

3:00pm:  Snack- Coffee & Laughing Cow
Caffeine & protein...just what yesterday's rainy afternoon called forJ

We served these WITH sour cream & cheese, but SANS avocado...since, just as I took the diced slices out of the fridge & placed em on the counter, this was the exact moment I went to reach for a dish in the cabinet and have it slip out of my hand, sending shattered glass all over my beloved diced avocado.

I'm still traumatized.  It was painful on many levels of 'I had made this dinner JUST because we had avocado, because avocado is just so special to me.'  Sighhhh...

On the 'upside', I used collard green leaves as wraps, which held together a LOT better than iceberg... 
...but I can't say I loved it the sameJ The center leaves of the collards are pretty tough, so make sure you remove them before wrapping.  Not to mention, I just love the cool & crisp taste of iceburg (or romaine)....messy hands and allJ

8:00pm:  Dessert- Salted Caramel Smores
I even got Scott addicted to these little gemsJ  I think I'll have to spring for some Trader Joe's graham crackers soon to make the classic soonJ

Alrighty...well, a gorgeous weekend is upon us in Jersey and me thinks the beach is gonna be calling my nameJ  Hope you guys have a great one and I'll talk to you MondayJ

Have a great weekend!!J

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