Thursday, June 19, 2014

Saved by the ramekin...

Wednesday Recap:

9:30am:  Breakfast- 3 Almond Joy Bites

Morning Workout:  Power Yoga
Thankfully, someone must have put the dehumidifier on before this class since it wasn't NEARLY the RAIN FOREST it has felt like in recent weeks.  Still super hot though...eeeeeeeee!

1:00pm:  1/2 Coconut yogurt with flax...

...and I got through half of that before I realized what I REALLY wanted was toast with flax & butterJ  So Katie got the rest of the yogurt and I got ma toastJ

3:00pm:  Coffee...againJ

5:00pm:  Dinner- Taco Salad 
Another meal we could eat once a week...and I still have no clue why we don'tJ  Healthy AND deliciousJ

Evening Workout- Body Jam
Sooooo fun!  And my calves are KILLING me this morning from the side-to-side jumps across the floor...x's a zillionJ

8:00pm:  Dessert- Salted Caramel Sundae from Carvel
Mmmmmmmm...I was DYING for some ice cream after the 100000% humidity day + sweating like a looney tune x 2, and this thing hit the spot.  Carvel's new Salted Caramel soft serve + caramel + Heath bar + Whipped cream = oooooooo YES!

We kept the portions low by splitting a small between the 3 of us.  So by the time it was all divided, I got about a small ramekin's worth.  JUSTTTTTTTTTTT enough!  One more bite and it would have been WAYYYYYYYYYY too much!! 
Not that it's not a COMPLETELY indulgent treat for mid-week, but keeping the portions on the low side prevents it from being a TOTAL disaster.  So you can still enjoy without going COMPLETELY overboard.  Win/Win.

Alright-well, Katie & I have some special baking to do this morning.  It's someone around here's birthday (well....a day lateJ), so we'll be whipping something up with peanut butter & bananaJ  I'll share tommorrowJ

Have a great Thursday!J

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