Friday, June 20, 2014

Happy 7th birthday...

 Thursday Recap:

Breakfast- Ezekiel Sesame toast with butter & flax

I have been LOVIINGGGG these ROASTED flax seeds from Trader Joe's.  You wouldn't think a little roasting would make such a big flavor difference, but it DOES.  Soooo great.  I just gave the whole seeds a quick trip through the coffee grinder to chop em up (if you leave them whole, you don't get any health benefits.  Funny, huh??) and they've been making the perfect addition to toast & yogurt this week. 

+ Cantaloupe 

11:00pm:  Snack- 2 Almond Joy Energy Bites 

1:30pm:  Lunch- "Happy salad" 

And then it was time to party a bitJ  It was our Penny's 7th birthday on Wednesday (oh yeah...please ignore that "6" on the cake...oppppsJ), so we thought we'd show her a little luvJ 
Truth be told, poor Penny's birthday has been neglected the last couple years (unlike those "pre-Katie" daysJ), but this year I put Katie to work whipping up a peanut butter cake for our furry babyJ

And since there was nothing but "people" ingredients in the cake (and a 'frosting' made of mashed banana & peanut butter), Katie's request to try a piece was met tooJ  Hahahahahahha 

So glad to show our FIRST baby some love.  I think she's taken the 'adjustment of Katie' harder than any of us...hahahahahaha J

6:00pm:  Dinner- Zucchini noodles with crispy sage & white bean  

Since my friend gave me some of her BIGGEST I'VE EVER SEEN/home grown sage...

...I thought I'd whip up a 'summer' version of one of our Fall/Winter fav combos:  Crispy sage & white bean.
A bed of sauteed zucchini noodles, a handful of kale (Tossed in right from the freezer), crisped white beans, crispy sage & a mix of mozzarella & Parmesan thrown in for good measure (and LOTS of salt, pepper & diced garlic).  You'd be surprised that once you got the zucchini 'sliced' and everything in their respective pans, this dinner came together in moments.  Once the 'prep work' was done, you're about 3/4 of the way to the dinner table.  And this flavor combo CAN NOT be beat!  

Workout:  Hatha Yoga class

8:00:  Dessert- PRETZEL SMORES! 
Oh yes...who is the mad scientist genius???  I popped one marshmallow & 2 chocolate squares on top of a crisp pretzel and microwaved it for 30 seconds.  Swoooooooon.  It's a little gooey, but WHO CARES???J

Alrighty...well, I've got a busy little weekend ahead including a traditional family gathering, a girl's night painting class & a film screening with Beyond Expectations!  Can't wait!  But first:  THE BEACH today with my galJ  Hope you guys have some great plans too!

Have a great one!J
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