Wednesday, May 7, 2014

One of those days...

Morning, all!  So let's be real for the a sec:  Being a working Mom is THE hardest job in the world.  A million things to juggle & not nearly enough time to get it all done.  I salute you all, times a ZILLION.  But being a stay-at-home Mom definitely has it's share of UNIQUE challenges, that's for sure.  And even though 99.9% of the time I feel EXTREMELY lucky that I get to be home with Katie so often (which I wouldn't even have HAD the chance to do if I hadn't been laid off....all things happen for a reason!), but some days it can really just GET to you.  The feelings of loneliness & isolation are very distinct when you're in a house with Mickey Mouse playing in the background ALL. DAY. LONG.  And even with all of your 'extra time,' you STILL feel like you can't get everything done, even when you feel like you SHOULD.  The experience definitely gave me an appreciation for the fact that NO ONE has it easy.

And I say all that to say:  Momma need to GET OUT last nightIt was one of "them days," for sure!

And the only requirement was that we were OUTSIDE OF THE HOUSE last nightJ  And even though I had a Cinco de Mayo type dinner bubbling away all day in the slow cooker yesterday, we totally bucked the system last night and went out for....

...are you ready??

CHINESE FOOD!  Hahahahahahaha...yes.  Me, Miss Loves-a-theme, totally did a most ridiculous 360 last nightJ  The reason being is because we had spied Duck Sauce on our trip around Newton last weekend and noticed their adorable little front porch.
Coupled this with the fact that I have an OBSESSION with enjoying food that you don't NORMALLY eat outside in such a nice space (burgers, hot dogs?  Sure.  Pizza and chinese food?  Not so much!) and we pretty much KNEW we were headed to "Duck Sauce" for the nightJ)

We DID, however, fulfill our "Cinco" quota for the night when we spied ASIAN GUACAMOLE on the menu! 
To be quite honest, we think the only real "Asian" thing about it was the fact that it was served in an "Asian" restaurantJ  Just sorta tasted like regular ole' avocado guacamole to us, not that there's anything wrong with THAT EVERJ  Oh yeah, and we ate it with Chinese crunchy noodles...soooooo...there's thatJ

And for our main dishes, I went for the Dan Dan noodles with bean sprouts, cucumbers & shrimp... 
Which, just like my dinner at Mamitas, kept my portions in check because this was SPIIICYYYY!  Even my request of 'mild' brought one too many chili flakesJ  Still really good though.  Tasted nice and "clean" without a lot of grease, which I love.  

Scott's dish, meanwhile, was a beaut (and one I almost ordered!)  The "Shan Shien" was a dish of sauteed beef, chicken, shrimp & veggies topped with crunchy rice... 
I was obsessed with that little topper of crispy rice (which Scott nicely shared since my mouth was on FI-YA!)  It almost tasted like rice popcorn...but in a good wayJ

There was also ice cream after this, but I couldn't even handle a picture of it since I felt the day was too far gone in the calorie department yesterday anyway....ei yi yi.  So today is 'pull yourself together day' here at the ranch.  All while trying to brush myself off and not be too hard on myself.  We all have 'those days,' as frustrating as they can be.  So pardon me while I go down another bottle of water to 'reset' my weekJ

Have a great Wednesday!J

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