Monday, April 14, 2014

Kicking off the season...

Hey everyone!  Wow, it feels like forever since my last post.  Scott keeps saying he KNOWS a week passed by, but doesn't remember much of what happened, as Katie's stomach bug swept through our whole house.  She had it for the longest time but Scott got socked the worst.  Me?  Well I was just none too interested in eating for DAYS.  (much the same as our last TWO rounds of 'bugs' from Miss KJ)  

But don't let that fool you and think the scale was my friend this morning.  OH NO.  I've decided we ladies just DEFY science, since I ate dinner a total of 2 times last week and the scale barely BUDGED.  Insanity.  And just to quell any dreams that once I started eating again, the number would just plummet: Nope.  That didn't happen either this morning.

*CUE: ripping hair out.

ANYWAYS...AT LEAST one of our 'first meals' back was a good one.  We had an absolutely GLORIOUS weather weekend around Jersey.  Even MY Fall/winter-loving heart was bursting at the seams at the idea of farmer's markets, beach trips & grill cooking.  So when we were planning dinner for Sunday night, I BEGGED Scott to give the back porch a quick once-over, because I couldn't handle NOT having dinner on the sun porch last night!

And in true 'kick off the season' spirit, we tore off the grill cover to cook up a picnic feast to celebrate my sis-in-law's birthday:  Bacon cheeseburgers, avocado & bacon pasta salad & Frito corn salad...
I will admit to having an absurd amount of servings of that corn salad (what was that about the scale??), but that 'salad' (term used VERY loosely) is just so damn good!  Fritos + cheese???  To THAT I say:  HELLO SUMMER.

And we polished off the night with our new 'family fav'..."Ding Dong cake"....
Again...what was I saying about the scale???

Katie, on the other hand, was back to her old self, but couldn't care LESS about food once she got a taste of free roaming around the back yard...
Photo: This child.

I doubt a speck of dirt was left untouched.
It was straight to the bath for her after last night, obviouslyJ

On the workout front, I kept it strictly yoga this week taking double classes only on Tuesday & Saturday.  I took a gentle class on Saturday morning just to see if I could even 'hang,' and was surprised to find my balance was still pretty spot on (despite feeling spacey from 'the bug' for a few days.)  What wasn't up to par?  My strength!  So my Saturday Power class was Modifications: 101 for me!  I think it was the most time I've ever spent in child's pose in the middle of a class and I was A-OK with this!  Lesson 1 of yoga is knowing your limits, so toning it down is just as much of an exercise as going full out.  Regardless, I still feel super sore as I type this, which I lovvvvvvvvvvvve J

Alright...well, it's another nice day here and I'm already ready for Katie to get her run on.  She slept laattttttee for me this morning, and I'm pretty sure it was thanks to all her backyard play yesterday.  Here's to another day of wearing her outJ

Have a great Monday, everyone!

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