Monday, March 3, 2014

The big 0-2...

Morning, ya'll!  Hope you had a great weekend.  The one around here was one of the best, seeing it was time to celebrate a SECOND BIRTHDAY:

The day started with balloon surprises...

...before heading to Farmingdale, NJ for some fresh donuts.

"DOCO's" claim to fame is that they make every donut fresh to order, as well as the fun variations of both their donuts as well as the INFAMOUS Kronuts.  They're also apparently known for their lines streaming out the door during the warmer months, but thankfully there were only a few people there when we went and we were able to snag a table to sample the goods.

We grabbed up a box of maple bacon, french toast, chocolate peanut butter, sticky bun and a cinnamon sugar Kronut (we may have gotten the last one, since there was a 20 minute wait for them after our order) and divided them up amongst the table (they were a little smaller than your average donut, FYI!)...

SOMEONE could hardly wait to dig in! 

I have to admit I was a little UNDERwhelmed by the Kronut (tough after this one seemed so perfect), but the donuts and their fun toppings were quite delicious, especially given that they were warm & slightly crispy.  I think the sticky bun may have won the taste test for me, with its cinnamon & sugar topping and gooey cream cheese center that melted along with the bites of warm donut.  DelishJ 

And about a 10 minute drive away dropped us right off at Katie's "Happy Place":  The beachJ 

...and her 'other' favorite:  The Jenkinson's AquariumJ

Where her 'favorite animals' of the day were the sharks and ummmm....boa constrictor????   
She babbled on & on in her 'Katie language' to anyone who would listened to her 'teach them' about this snakeJ  Fascinated.  The child was FASCINATED.

I can't even.

After the aquarium, she just COULD NOT go on the boardwalk without getting her shoes in the sand...

...and proceeded to throw an EPIC tantrum when we left.  I think 99.8% of NJ could understand her heartfelt cries of "NO! BEAAAAAAACCCCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHH!!!"  
I couldn't really argue with her on that one.

Next, we headed into one of our Point Pleasant favs for lunch...

We just couldn't pass up the heaping (HALF SIZED!) plate of gooey nachos... 

...which are done OH-SO-RIGHT! 

And their yummy burgers that are just classically perfect.  Char grilled and served on a crispy Italian poppy seed roll making this place a Jersey shore classic. 

Even Katie's favorite "Cat" got a sampleJ

 And speaking of CAT, we wound down the night with gifts & cake.  CAT CAKE to be exactJ

Stolen bites...

...and BIG bitesJ

And as if that wasn't ENOUGH for me to tell you about, I STILL have to tell you about our Saturday night dinner since it was SOGOOD!  Scott & I went for our 2nd annual "we survived another year of parenthood/day before Katie's birthday" night out at another one of our favs: the Greek restaurant, Mikonos.  And what says "celebration" more than FLAMING CHEESE! 
The "Saganaki Flambe" is a Greek cheese that is brought to your table and set on FIRE before servingJ  The charred crust on the outside mixed with the warm & melted cheese on the INSIDE was a nice mix.  We DUG this thing!

And even though it would VERY TOUGH not to order their DIVINE chicken souvlaki, I thought I'd give the Beeftekia a whirl... 
The spiced, charbroiled meat patties were sooooooooo good rolled up in the pita wedges and slathered with a little of the souvlaki lemon mustard.  SO GOOD!  The thing about Mikonos is everything you order seems to be EXACTLY what you want because there food is just SO good.  And maybe, since we don't often have Greek food, it just seems a little extra special.  Seriously, TRY THIS PLACE if you want to give something new a whirl!

Oh yeah, and if that didn't convince you, maybe this will: 

The "galagatobureko" is a phyllo wrapped citrus-scented custard that is drizzled in warm honey.  Oh's as good (AND SWEET!) as it sounds!  I said to Scott it tasted like something your Grandmother would make for Christmas, since it seemed THAT 'sweet & celebratory"J 

OK...seriously...was that enough food for one blog????  I actually even have ONE MORE thing to share with you since my plans for a 'lite dinner' Friday turned into me breaking out the BIG GUNS and making my planned 'snow day' dinner!  Which was a good thing since A.- the planned 14 inch 'storm' turned into a mere dusting today & B.- MUCH more ready for a 'lite dinner' TONIGHT!  Ya know:  MondaysJ  But hopefully I'll share both the 'blizzard' and 'NON blizzard' dinner with you tomorrowJ

Have a great Monday!

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