Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lean and Green...

Hey all!  I'm typing this as I'm hearing the wind WHIPPING outsideJ  Winter has come back to Jersey after 2 spring-like days in the 60's.  You know I LOVE me some winter, but even I was GIDDY to enjoy the sunshine.  Wind & I are not really friends.  Wind doesn't have many friends, I assume.

Anywayyssss as promised, I have 2 days of 'detox-type' meals for you guys that kept me on the straight & narrow despite my DIVE into cheesesteak fries mid-weekJ  Here's how ya gotta prep AND bring yourself backJ

Breakfast:  Monday- Whipped banana oatmeal with peanut butter

Breakfast:  Wednesday- Banana & kale smoothie
Soooooooooo...Katie will NOT be as easy to convince to drink a smoothie unless it's GREEN.  I KNOW!  I know this too shall pass, so I'm enjoying it while I can before I have to wrestle for her to try itJ  But since we were out of spinach, I decided to break out some frozen kale for the occasion.
  • 1/2 cup skim milk
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1 banana
  • cinnamon & nutmeg
  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
  • 1 handful frozen kale
The Magic Bullet blends up the kale INFINITY better than the Ninja (actually the bullet blends up MOST smoothies better than the Ninja, sadly), but I still feel like the flavor of kale is not as muted as spinach.  Although it's still not bad...just be sure to blend it REALLLLLLLLLLLLY well!

Monday:  Body Flow
I ALWAYS forget how tough this class is!  I was pretty sore the rest of the day.

Wednesday:  Power Yoga
My beloved classJ

Lunch:  Wednesday-  Cherry & Spinach smoothie
After a quick stop at the store, it was back to spinach as usual.  Although I will admit that that's an old photo, since I musta added too many cherries yesterday and the smoothie came out in THE UGLIEST color.  I mean, even MORE unappealing than if you're not used to drinking GREENJ  But it was still tastyJ

Snack:  Monday- 1 ramekin peanut butter pretzels

Snack:  Wednesday- "Happy saladJ

Dinner:  Monday & Wednesday- SALAD
So we were sooo lucky to have LOTS of leftover food after Katie's party, including this HUGE pan of salad studded with mozzarella & sundried tomatoes...

So we put those leftoever to work with even MORE leftovers and some extras...

And made salads topped with diced chicken fingers (I know, I know...J)  

...and diced leftover chicken saltimbuca (topped with prosciutto, spinach & mozzarella
No, neither of those toppings are super healthy, but isn't a salad always a better "side dish" than starch??  I ain't feeling guilty about either of thoseJ  Making salads is always a quick & HEALTHIER way of using up leftovers, even if they're a little on the decadent side.

Monday:  Beginners Power & Yin yoga
Still finding yin to be the most difficult AND intense of all my yoga practices.  My muscles were just not willing to give on MondayJ

Wednesday:  Body Jam
I swear, the hour of Body Jam just gets faster and faster every week, especially when you're kicking and screaming!J

Dessert:  Wednesday- Coconut cake
OK, so it wasn't alllll 'lean & green' yesterday, as a small slice of this cake that my Mom had gotten me was calling from the fridge.  Thank goodness there's JUST enough for a tiny piece for Scott, Katie & I tonight and then it will be ovah!J

Alright...I'm being summoned from the other room by someoneJ

Have a good Thursday!

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