Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Full for DAYS...

Hey, all!  Hope you guys had a great weekend.  I think I might be STILL full from the weekend, hence why I didn't even FEEL like talking about food yesterdayJ  

I know.  It was bad.

But the highlight of the weekend meals came from my 'final' birthday celebration dinner at one of my favs: "That's Amore," which just so happened to be the last night of 'Comfort Food Month."  I mean...

We started with not 1, not 2, but THREE appetizer around the table (at least these were split by 6 people!)  Including the goat cheese 'pillows' on crostini...

...That's Amore's perfect rice balls...

...and Comfort food menu and everyone's favorite:  The pulled pork frites...
Meat + Fries = My heart.

Oh yeah, and I followed that all up with the award winning SEVEN Cheese Mac & Cheese...
Perfectly cooked cavatappi (even the reheated leftovers were still al dente!), smothered in creamy 7 cheese sauce, bacon cracker crumbs & baby garlic shrimp.  How can you pass THAT up???

Oh, and did I mention the bowl was almost as big as my head??
This boat was enough for three meals (it was Scott, Katie & my dinner Sunday night too!)...and in the end, not a DROP went to waste.  It was just too good!

And as if THAT already wasn't an insane enough amount of food, our table ended up ordering nearly every item on the dessert menu, including the marscapone stuffed french toast sundae & thin mint mousse...

...but my favorite was the BUTTER CAKE.  Oh heaven, I nearly sunk in my seat after the first bite, it was creamy.  (Not that you could handle many more bites after THAT.  It was sooooooooo rich!) 
We should have ran 8 marathons after this meal, but instead, we all slunk into a carb coma and headed home for the night.  It was definitely a 'celebration meal' to the MAX!  

Sunday was balanced a LITTLLLLLE bit better with (oh God, more!) doughnuts for breakfast, some intense boxing and a green smoothie.  (oh yeah, and that leftover mac & cheese.)  
Photo: Sunday so far...
I think I need to put myself on a carb & sugar ban for about 7 months after this weekend!  (or at least no more doughnuts for a Loooooooooonnngggg time!!!!)

But I tried to pull it all back together yesterday, all while keeping it festively GREEN for St. Patrick's Day...

10:00am:  Breakfast- 1/2 Apple with peanut butter
Sorry...that picture was SUPS unattractive, but as usual, I was flying out the door to...

10:30-11:30am:  Body Flow class

12:00pm:  Lunch- GREEN SMOOTHIE
  • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 1/2 banana
  • 1 scoop protein powder
  • 1 tablespoon flax seed
  • cinnamon & nutmeg
2:30pm:  Snack- Coffee with creamer   (ya know...MondaysJ)

When I was tossing around ideas for a GREEN dinner for St. Pat's, it's almost sad how quickly I forgot that SALAD was the ultimate green.  To that I say: Ummmm...duh!

So to keep cravings of Shepard's pie & Irish potatoes away, I busted out one of our FAVORITE recipes:

How's that for keeping it GREEN??

And finally:
6:30-8:00pm:  Beginner's Power Yoga
Only one class last night since I had to pick up my little leprechaun from Nona's houseJ  After a class ending in headstands, handstands and elbow balances...I didn't mind taking a 'yin pass' for the night.

So hopeyou liked my 'double cap.'  I think I STILL didn't feel like talking about food today but knew this blog post would just keep growing the more I waitedJ  Here's to another 'lean & green' day today!

Have a great Tuesday!

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