Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Doughnuts, squared....

Morning, all! (well, it was when I started writing this blog postJ)  Hope you guys are doing goodJ  It's been a whirlwind of celebration around here the last few days, starting with Katie's little birthday party on Saturday....

...complete with stolen bitesJ
(Kitty Cat Cake made by my amazing friend at Kim Cakes!)

And my birthday yesterday, which I was lucky enough to share with my favorite folksJ

Starting in one of my favorite places, Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia.  Made 'extra special' since it was our first time taking Katie thereJ

While Scott & Katie strolled the market, I made a pit stop at my ultimate 'birthday breakfast':  Doughnuts from Beiler's!

And even though they make one of the TOP cream doughnuts EVER (challenged only by our beloved Eet Gud), I just HAD to start my birthday with COCONUT, of courseJ
It was TOUGH to leave Reading Terminal without a DiNic's roast pork & mac and cheese (even at 10:30amJ), but we had other plans in the works for the day...more on that in a secJ

And we definitely managed to "work off the doughnuts" chasing Katie EVERY WHICH WAY here:

I'm not exactly sure who had more fun, me or her, because I found this place to be CRAZY AMAZING!

She had a BLAST 'digging up potatoes', driving the mail truck, shopping in the grocery store, having a tea party in a tree trunk, collecting rubber ducks at the water table, running through the Alice in Wonderland maze and steering a boat...complete with a saluteJ

I was in AWE of this place and couldn't get enough of Katie's hysterical laughter as she tore through that placeJ  Wish I could take her every dayJ

And after all that running, it was officially 'lunch/dinner' time...and I was SO excited once, after a wayward drive, we finally pulled up to:
"PYT" is KNOWN for it's CRAZY burger concoctions (bacon bun, anyone??) and boozy 'adult' milkshakes.  I mean, can ya go wrong with that combo???

And ready for one of those crazy combos????

I'm fairly certain a burger served on a grilled glazed doughnut (yes...more doughnuts...EEEE!), topped with cheese and chocolate covered bacon is ONLY approved on birthdays!  I mean...
Scott & I SHARED THIS for lunch, half seemed MORE than enoughJ  And as "novelty" as it was, the burger was DELICIOUS in its own right.  You oddly enough couldn't really taste the bacon, but the other bits of sweetness actually REALLY worked here.  I know...even I HAD a moment before diving into a burger mixed with CHOCOLATE, but it was sweet & salty deliciousnessJ

But I have to say my VERYFAVORITETHING we had was our "appetizer" (even BETTER we split the burger, huh??J)  of CRISPY waffle fries (and by God, who doesn't love a waffle fry???) topped with CHEESESTEAK!!!!
My love of fries + chopped meat knows no bound, and these can be added to my list of FAVORITES!  I loved that the fries were still SUPER CRISPY even under all that cheese "wiz", provolone and chopped the G!  Just. so. good!  

And of course I had to cap off the day with a Birthday cake shake!J  (Yup...that's topped with 1/2 a cupcake!)
I think since we ordered them 'to go' it was lacking the vanilla vodka as promised, but the excess amount of colorful jimmies made up for itJ

Was that enough sugar for the day??

Oh wait...there's moreJ

Katie & I stopped by my Mom's house after our trip, where she had gotten me a little coconut cake for us all to shareJ  Guess who enjoyed that too...

And after all of THAT, you best believe I already got myself to yoga today and am keeping it LEAN & GREEN today!J  I'll be back tomorrow to show you my pre AND post birthday days that I use to balance out...ummmm...2 doughnuts, cheese fries, a milkshake and cake.

Oh God.  Writing that out made it sound even worseJ hahahhaha (but it was gooooooooood!)

Enjoy the beautiful weather today, folks!  It's a GORGEOUS one in Jersey!!

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