Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Yin to the yan...

Tuesday Recap:

8:00am:  Coffee with creamer & Meta-D

10:00am:  Breakfast- Cliff Mojo Bar
Didn't know WHAT I wanted yesterday morning.  This sufficed, although I can't say it was super filling...even with the 200 calories worth of almonds.

12:00pm (SHARP!):  Lunch- Apple with Almond Butter 

2:00pm:  Snack-  Pretzels & Laughing Cow  (new favorite alert!) 

4:30-5:30pm:  Zumba

6:00pm:  Dinner- Southwestern eggrolls & yellow rice!

These were soooooooooo good & super easy!  We just baked chicken until it was cooked through, gave it a quick shred and tossed it in a pan to heat for a few minutes with...
  • 1 drained can of corn
  • 1 drained & rinsed can of black beans
  • 1 chopped onions
  • taco seasoning 

Let everything heat through and then roll up the filling into eggroll wrappers with a sprinkle of Mexican cheese & bake until brown and crispy (about 20 minutes at 350) ...

These TRULY tasted deep fried but were anything but!  Crispy wrappers on the outside & a gooey fiesta on the inside....and don't forget a dollop of guacamole for maximum dippage! 

Oh yeah...but we happened to only have 3 wrappers left on hand, so we also used the rest of the filling and make lettuce wraps.  (picture not included since it was as messy as it was deliciousJ

8:00-9:15:  Yin yoga
Had to get SOME yoga in there since Monday night was a wash.  While normal ('yan') yoga is based on strength and building muscles, yin is all about stretching and lengthening muscles.  It moves at a MUCH slower pace since you hold the stretching poses much longer than usual (we did each for 4 minutes last night) and let me tell ya:  I didn't break a sweat...but I WAS BEAT!!!!!!!  Very tough, but a great class.  Not to mention the extra time for meditation never hurt nobodyJ


We woke up to an ice skating rink, a state of emergency and a glistening forest all around.  It LOOKS absolutely GORGEOUS out, BUT here's hoping EVERYONE is safe getting around and that our POWER HOLDS OUT.  It's eerily quiet out, so you can really hear the crackling of ice and TREE BRANCHES snapping (our neighbors pine tree looks like it's falling apart from top to bottom.)  Scary.  We all will be staying put today (thankfully.)

Have a great Wednesday and stay safe, East Coast-ers!!!!!

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