Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Gettin it together...

Hey all!  Long time no chat!  1st a stomach virus swept through our house over a week ago rendering me unable to even think about food, let alone talk about it!  Which, after a speedy recovery, was swiftly followed by a weekend that started like this (courtesy of our 2nd annual "Winter Wine & Cheese" partyJ):

...and ended like THIS, in a typical OVERTHETOP Superbowl chowfest (one of the MANY dishes gracing our counter top for the evening)
...rendering me not even wanting to LOOK at food!

So needless to say I had to pull myself together a bit before I could bring you a day of at least a LITTLE redemptionJ

Monday Recap: 

8:00am:  Coffee with creamer

9:00am:  Meta-D
The latest addition to my diet courtesy of the "Tone it up" gals.  It's sort of a swap from my good ole lemon water, but replaced by apple cider vinegar as the main 'acid.'  And much like lemon water, it kills my cravings and makes me feel lean and ready to take on a day of 'better' eatingJ
  • 6 oz. water
  • 2 oz. organic apple juice (I use "Simply Apple")
  • Shake of cayenne
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon 
  • 1-2 tablespoons organic apple cider vinegar
If you're new to the vinger/lemon thing, I'd definitely start with ONE TABLESPOON.  2 is REALLY intense...esp mixed with the hit of cayenne.

10:30am:  Breakfast- Whipped banana & chia oatmeal with Coconut butter
I also stirred in a little cinnamon & nutmeg in there, because...well...I've been OBSESSED with nutmegJ

1:30pm:  Lunch- HAPPY SALAD!
No matter WHAT I'm craving, this thing always seems to hit the spot.  Much love to you, happy saladJ

3:00pm:  Snack- Handful of pretzels & a Laughing Cow wedge (which I ate WAY to fast to photoJ)

6:00pm:  Dinner-Cheesy Chicken Orzo with roasted broccoli

After yesterday's day-long snow storm (oh yeah...did I forget to mention that part??), last night's dinner REQUIRED something warm & cozy.  I wasn't in a soup mood, so this recipe was just what was necessaryJ

 First, trimmed chicken was sauteed with garlic powder, onion powder & parsley until cooked through...

While the chicken was browning up, I got to working on the orzo.  I thought there was NO WAY this recipe was going to be as creamy & dreamy as the picture with only 1/4 cup milk, 2 tablespoons butter & 1/2 cup of shredded cheese... 

...but OH WAS IT EVER! 

An addition of MORE garlic & onion powder and parsley to the orzo along with the chicken and I was ready to dive in this pot head first! 

CREAMY & DREAMY WITHOUT being heavy and greasy, this dinner was WINTER COMFORT: 101!  And along with some roasted broccoli, it's pretty guilt free comfort to bootJ 
ps-that's actually 1 cup measured of orzo & chicken.

8:00pm:  Dessert- Peanut Butter Texas Sheet Cake
I didn't want to do it...I REALLY didn't, but the call from the fridge of this Superbowl leftover was just TOO much to bear.  Although I was ESPECIALLY bummed since my gym was closed and my 'planned' DVD  workout at 8 o'clock dissolved into a headache which lead to a 9:00pm BEDTIME.  

No, for real.  

Although maybe my body needed a day of rest.  After a weekend of 2 Power yoga classes, 1 gentle & 1 TOUGHASNAILS boxing class, I was actually REALLLLLLLLLLY beat up by Sunday night.  But I'm ready to attack with some vengeance today.  Especially since ANOTHER snow/ice storm is scheduled for tonight and may interfere with my BELOVED Wednesday class.

Now you're messin with the WRONG BIATCH, snowJ  

Alrighty, well I better run and get this day started.  Have a great Tuesday, everyone!  (I seriously had to think of what day it was.  Is that bad if it's only Tuesday??)

Don't answer that.

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