Monday, December 16, 2013

What happened...and what didn't...


Dinner with Santa on Friday Night was a little more successful than our last attempt with Santa...
(ps-may have to frame this picture solely for the pure magic provided by the man behind me.  ClassicJ)

...although Katie REALLY enjoyed Santa from a safe distanceJ

Was lucky enough to spend Saturday baking cookies & wrapping gifts with some AMAZING & AWESOME kids I was fortunate enough to meet along with my Beyond Expectations family...

...and then spent Saturday night tucked away in our basement, since a messy & icy storm knocked out all of our plans for the night.  (I WILL join the ranks and get mad about snow when it makes me miss my niece's holiday concert & a Christmas party...bummer)

And then rounded out the weekend celebrating my friend's son's FOURTH birthday, at an adorable party at Maggie Moo's...

...before heading to Nona's and getting her house in Christmas-y shapeJ


....and working out.

TIS THE SEASON for festivities and running aroundJ  Oh well, can't complain when it's the BEST time of yearJ  I'll be trying to pull it together before the REAL BIG SHOW begins (aka- Cookies, treats and more cookiesJ)

Healthier recap tomorrow for SURE!

Have a great Monday!

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