Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas-y treats...

Thursday Recap:

6:45-7:30am:  30 minutes dance + 2 sets of weights & squats

8:00am:  Coffee with eggnog creamer

10:00am:  Breakfast- Cookie Butter oatmeal

1:00pm:  Lunch- Toast & Hot Chocolate with 2% milk 
I swear I'm going to stop counting this as lunch starting todayJ

2:30pm:  Snack- Salad with olive oil, sea salt & 2% cheese

6:00pm:  Dinner- Brooklyn Pizza at Tina's Pizza
If I admitted how many times I ate at Tina's back in the early millennium, it would be obscene.  That is to say: A LOT.  Like, REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLY a lot!  But it had been a hot minute since I'd been back.  And since then, they've changed owners, stripped down their previous, full-on CLOWN decor (terrifying) and were written up in the local paper about having one of the best Brooklyn pies (aka- thin crust, square and covered with chunky tomato) in the area.  It certainly was delicious, especially with the extra touch of fresh mozzarella and LOTS of fresh basil.  And how Christmas-y does that look???J

And speaking of Christmas-y, after dinner my Mom & I took Katie took a local house that decorates like the most beautiful, OVER THE TOP, crazy Christmas you've ever seen!

The only problem was that it was FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEZING last night, so we had to make our trip pretty quick!  Katie was NOT pleased with us hustling her along because she was LOVING IT! 
But since my Mom & I lost feeling in our feet within moments, we scooped her up and headed to the car with promises we'll be back when it's a little LESS cold. (aka- not 24 degrees, as my car read when we got outJ)

Afterwards, we headed off to a few stores before rewarding ourselves with a little Christmas-y treat:
Chickfila Peppermint Shake

The peppermint chocolate chip milkshake from Chick-fil-a is soooo uber festive and FILLED with crunchy bits of candy cane & chocolate chunks.  It was a fun one to share with my 2 favorite ladiesJ

After that, we headed home to find Scott had FINALLY returned home from his freezing day at work around 8:00pm.  Brrrrrrrrr...poor guy.  Although, thankfully he only has THREE days of work left in 2013...weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Well, we have LOTS of Christmas-y things on the horizon this weekend including a trip to my Mom's work Christmas party today and dinner with Santa tonight! (am I the only one who's going to be excited??J)  Although we are forecast to be hit with more snow we shall see what the rest of the weekend bringsJ


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