Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Wedding bells!

Morning, everyone!  Sorry it's been awhile, but it's been a whirlwind over here getting ready for our best friend's wedding this past Sunday!J

To say it was a GORGEOUS & BEAUTIFUL wedding and that we had an absolute BLAST is an understatement!J

We got to celebrate a wonderful wedding of Scott & I's dearest and oldest friends...

...party with our little princess...

...and dance the night away with old friendsJ

Oh yeah...and danced, danced, danced some moreJ  Do I need to say any more after I show you this pic??

Couldn't have asked for a better or more fun weekend!  Certainly memories I'll cherish forever!J

I DO at least have a fun meal to show you in the 'food department' (this whole blog can't just be dance moves & gold flip flops after allJ)  After our Fall Harvest menu success at "That's Amore" last week, there was one more menu in the bunch that completely stood out.  And for me, it was Catelli Duo in Vorhees, NJ.  I LOVE the concept of this place because you can either order one main entree or smaller portions to share & pass around.  SOOOOOOOOOOO my favorite!  But our order of the day was their Fall Harvest Menu (which was actually not available for lunch, so I owe MUCH gratitude to our waiter & chef for still making it for us!  SO NICE!)

There were tender & flavorful meatballs stuffed with short ribs and served over CREAMY polenta and perfectly tangy tomato sauce...


Next up was the "Harvest Chopped Caesar," which was a kale, sweet potato & shaved brussel sprout (LOVE me some shaved brussels in a salad!) Caesar salad sandwiched between 2 Parmesan "pancakes."  This salad was light, yet hearty from the kale/brussel/potato mix.  It LOOKED small, but I could hardly finish even half of it.  It was just enough! 

I NEARLY ordered Scott's choice as my entree, but figured I'd still get a taste of the short ribs over butternut squash risotto since he ordered it...(also got to sample the cheese steak eggroll and sweet potato gnocchi which were  fabulous!)
The short ribs were absolutely perfect and super fork tender and the butternut risotto brought just that little bit of extra decadence and a touch of sweetness to this dish.  Sublime!

And my main entree was pretty unique and I though "oh so Fall!": Fig-tastic pizzaJ
Sweet and chewy figs mixed with smoked speck, tangy gorgonzola, creamy pesto all covered in a sweet balsamic drizzzle.  1000 flavors combined that all just work.  So fun!

And finally, our little 'dessert sampler':  A flourless chocolate bomb (which tasted like a truffle), warm krispy kreme bread pudding (which was one of the items that JUMPED out from the menu!) and my favorite- the salted caramel pretzel pudding!
A layer of salted caramel & creamy vanilla pudding all served over a cookie crumb 'crust,' this was the absolute standout of the 3 (even if that bread pudding was REALLY good too!) and the perfect amount to sample of each.  I left feeling full, but not stuffed!  (although, I did try one of my friend's mini zepploes rolled in cinnamon & sugar and that nearly did me in...even if it was tinyJ)

On the exercise front, I made sure I kept up with yoga on Friday & Saturday and I think I burned about 2,000 calories on the dance floor Sunday night because the scale was QUITE friendly Monday morning despite all the 'wedding treats' we enjoyed over the weekendJ  Last night, however, savasana couldn't come SOON enough for my 'Monday yoga.'  I was B-E-A-T!!  hahahahahahha

Alright, well let me scoot and see what today calls for!

Have a great Tuesday!

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