Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fall photo shoot commencing...

Tuesday Recap:

8:00am:  Coffee with creamer

9:30am:  Breakfast- Apple with peanut butter

12:00pm:  Lunch- Federici's Pizza
Well, yesterday was just toooooo gorgeous to stay inside.  And since the rest of the week is forecasted to be in the 50's, I just had to get out and let Katie enjoy the gorgeous day.  And OF COURSE, it started with food with my friend & I meeting at Federici's for a pizza (and salad & fries) lunch!

I almost felt like I had cheated on Scott when I had to tell him that I took Katie there for the first time without himJ  hahahahahha  But I told him it'll be an easy sell to go back since she enjoyed it so muchJ

After lunch, we headed to the park to let the kids enjoy running around in the leaves...

And taking the required "fall photo shoot," of course!J

And while we were out, we just HAD to stop for some ice cream at a little bakery shop/apple orchard nearby.  I had held off from buying a half a gallon of pumpkin ice cream for the house (that only I'd really eat.  Scott's not enough of a fan to spoon himself out a dish), but I told myself if I was out & about, I was going to enjoy that ice cream, and that I did yesterday!J

5:30-6:30:  Pilates on the barre
I had taken a pilates on the barre class (a new offering at my gym) a few weeks ago and it was a REALLY fun class that combined 'mat pilates' with enough barre work to let me pretend I was a graceful ballerina (or something like that).  Well, last nights class also included mat & barre work PLUS lots of weights, arm and leg work!  We were barely moving and I was sweating like crazy!  It was sooooooo tough but REALLYYYYYY great!  Can't wait to try it again soon.

And OK, not that it was REALLY needed since I already had enough food for the day, but I also had small bowl of popcorn while we watched TV last night.
"The Biggest Loser" to be exact.  The irony was not lost on meJ

Well, as forecasted, it is indeed a cold & drizzly day.  I forsee something warm & cozy on the horizon for dinner.  Oh yeah, and I think I'm gonna get to packing away my flip flops for the season.  Seeing as how next week is NOVEMBERJ

Have a great Wednesday!

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