Friday, September 13, 2013

That simple & that hard...

Thursday Recap:

6:45-7:15am:  30 minutes dance + a round of weights

8:30am:  Breakfast-Blueberry Smoothie

10:00am:  Coffee with creamer & unsweetened cocoa powder

12:30pm:  Lunch- Salad 
My favorite again...I can't even tell you how damn HAPPY this little salad made me.  I just walked around yesterday afternoon going "that is SUCH a HAPPY salad."  I mean, you can make this stuff up.  It was sadJ's the little things, right??

3:00pm:  Snack- Apple with 1 tablespoon peanut butter

5:30pm:  Dinner- Texas Roadhouse
Well, dinner with the in-laws last night = no dinner pictures today (sorta awkward, right??), so here's a little 'out to eat/weight loss chatter' for you.  I can tell you I was VERY happy that I had my 3 o'clock snack and was able to order dinner with a RATIONAL mind rather than being starving and wanting EVERYTHING on the menuJ (let's not even DISCUSS how many times this happens!  I'll learn SOMEDAY!J)  But I was able to just sample the 'table' appetizer of a fried pickle & bite of boneless buffalo chicken wing and then, since I wasn't REALLY wishing for anything in particular, I ordered the salmon with baked sweet potato and ate about half of each.  If I REALLY wanted a steak or bread & butter, TRUST, I would have gotten I was just happy that I felt in control (and not deprived!) by any of my choices.  Sometimes it's REALLY as simple as taking a breath and realizing you REALLY are going to have another meal besides the one sitting in front of you.  It's THAT SIMPLE AND THAT HARD, as I like to sayJ

Oh yeah...and I had to pull back the reigns on dinner a bit since we just so happened to have an INSANE dessert up for the next actJ

7:30pm:  Dessert- PUMPKIN BUTTER CAKE

OH YES, you read that correctly...I said BUTTER CAKE!  I still don't have the St. Louis touch to make them PERFECT, but this was pretty darn phenomenal...and REALLY EASY!!

A 'crust/shortbread' layer of vanilla cake mix, a stick (EEE!) of melted butter & 1 egg... 

Topped with a pumpkin/cream cheese/powdered sugar/vanilla/spices and baked until the top just BARELY jiggles...

I mean..this thing was DECADENCE 101!  Buttery & crumbly crust and a smoooooooth, buttery 'custard-like' top filled with FALL spices.  Try this one out the next time you want to knock someone socks off.  It is just D!

Well, I already got myself off to the gym this morning in prep for our VERY FUN ANNUAL GATHERING TONIGHT!  Any guesses???  Let's just say it involves a pairing of 2 of everyone's favoritesJ  

Stay tuned...and have a great weekend!

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