Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Leftovers & Pumpkin Squared...

Tuesday Recap:

6:45-7:15am:  2 mile Walk Away the Pounds with 8 pound weights

8:00am:  Coffee with creamer and unsweetened cocoa powder (can't get enough...tastes so luxuriousJ)  

9:30am:  Breakfast- Leftover 1/2 sweet potato with pat of butter & sprinkle of cinnamon & nutmeg
Yep...not the norm, but a great way to use up leftovers all while having a WARM and nutritious breakfast.  Sometimes steppin OUTSIDE the box makes for the most interesting mealsJ

11:45am: (yes, I was hungryJ)  Lunch- Leftover salad with chicken, almonds, grapes, blue cheese & bacon
So I had this for dinner Saturday night at one of our favorite restaurants, The Pour House (which, unfortunately, was too dark for me to take photos where we were seated.)  So after starting our dinner with a couple decadent appetizers including one of my ALLTIMEFAVORITETHINGSEVER... Cheese fries topped with shredded short ribs!!!!...
I took that picture back in December the day before the alleged Mayan Apocalypse, just in caseJ and I believe these are delivered to your table surrounded by a halo & angel wings...or maybe it's devil horns & a pitchfork??...either way, they are INSANE!!!!!!!

ANYWAY...back to the salad.  So I'm a FIRM believer that most entree salads do indeed include as many calories as a burger, but I STILL felt like this salad was a little better of a choice rather than a burger with ANOTHER batch of fries.  (Again, I wasn't really DYING for a burger, so it made my choice eaiserJ)  On top of not indulging in fries: round 2 (which, if they were in front of me-I would have eaten.  Let's not kid ourselves), I also think it's a little easier to slowly pick through a salad and leave half, or even more, which was what I did so I had more than enough for a leftover lunch.
Again, that was just my choice for the night.  Next time, I might be DYING for that short rib burger & just decide to have it (while try, try, TRYING to only have 1/2!).  Just thought I'd give ya a little insight in my choices.  For me, sometimes it's just a matter of stopping and THINKING of these things rather than pouncing on the first thing I see that sounds good.  (easier said than doneJ  Let's be honest, sometimes ya just wanna eat without thinking!J)

Ummm...was I just talking about healthiER choices?? is now a bad time to digress to the fact that I got bit by the "baking bug" yesterday afternoon and decided I had all the ingredients to make these Pumpkin Toffee Cookies...

Topped with Salted Caramel Glaze!  OH YES!!!

I'm not even gonna lie that I had a hugeeeeee heart swell giving Katie one of my homemade cookies for her afternoon special treat snackJ  It just made me giddyJ 
Maybe not quite as giddy when her little hand managed to SOMEHOW reach on top of the counter and sneak a second cookie!  Hahahaha...thankfully, she gave most of that one to Penny sooooo...everyone got a treat yesterday!

3:00pm:  Snack- Laughing Cow light cheese 
So the protein from the chicken, cheese & almonds in the salad held me over for awhile, but KNEW I'd need a little something to get me through to sitting down to dinner NOT starving.  These little 35 calorie wedges just hit the spot sometimes.

6:00pm:  Dinner- Baked PUMPKIN pasta & salad
That's right, DOUBLE pumpkin in one day! (now polishing off that entire huge can between the pasta, cookies & soupJ)  

And since it's a recipe from MY GIRL Bethenny, I loved the added bonus of sauteed zucchini tossed in the mix for extra bulk & nutrition... 

A quick 'sauce' of pumpkin, ricotta & starchy pasta water, poured into a pan, topped with Parmesan cheese and baked for 10 minutes... 

And WALLAH!  Fall dinner in under 30 minutes! 

I loved the crunch from the sauteed zucchini and the ricotta mixed with the pumpkin made for a hearty 'sauce.'  And of course, my love for SAGE shown through (along with the pinch of nutmeg I thrown in there for good measureJ

8:00pm:  Dessert -2 Pumpkin Cookies 
So I managed to not have one nibble, bite or taste while making these and was SO excited to sit down and really enjoy them!  They were pillow-y soft, filled with spice and topped with yummy glaze.  Can ya really ever complain???

And in my attempt to 'indulge without overdoing,' I saved us a few more cookies before packing up the rest to go along with Scott to share with his co-workers today... 
It was either THAT or I was going to 1/3 the recipe.  It's the best way to MAKE a lot without having too many leftovers.  My Fall Pinterest board has WAY too many good things to have 3 dozen of the SAME cookie laying around, ya know?! J

Alright...well, I've chattered enough today...or do I mention that the reason I was excited to bake yesterday afternoon was the added bonus of turning on the oven to heat the house because it was pretty cold yesterday??

Nah...I won't even mention that.

Have a great Wednesday!J

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