Wednesday, August 28, 2013

By the sea...

Morning, everyone!  Did I just mention yesterday that we're in the 'low-humidity' blissfulness which would hopefully bring the normally dreaded August right into a cool & crisp Fall-like September??  Well, I think I spoke too soon as Mother Nature decided to turn on the humidity machine to medium this morning reminding me JUST ENOUGH of why I'm not a fan of summerJ  She just wanted to go out with a bang, I thinkJ  She better cool it off soon cause if there's one thing I dislike more than summer it's a...EEEEKKK...HOT FALL. (oh, I dread even TYPING THOSE WORDS!!)

Anyway, we weren't feelin the heat & humidity TOO much yesterday since we spent it down another blissful day at the shore....

8:00am: Coffee with creamer & pumpkin pie spice (yep, I went there!J)

11:00am:  Breakfast- Banana on the goJ
Thought I'd pack something light since I knew the rest of the day was going to be really anything butJ

Oh yeah, and I also packed my library book...considering I remembered it's due back on Friday and now I have to power read to get it back on timeJ 
Which, thankfully, hasn't been too hard of a task since I think it's a really fun read (despite all those negative reviews!).  I loved the "Devil Wears Prada" though and will watch the movie EVERY time it's on (just ask ScottJ)  It's my one "chick flick/book moment."  

OK...that and Twilight.  

OK...Now I'm doneJ

12:30pm:  Lunch- Cheeseburger and...
For 'lunch dessert' we cracked into the SUPER DENSE but creamy & dreamy Coconut Cream Pound Cake I had brought along.  We just could not wait another moment to try itJ
And it was oh-so-good!  Lots of coconut flavor throughout AND on top thanks to a coconut-y glaze (ps-I halved that recipe)

After stuffing ourselves silly with cake, we headed out to enjoy the beach for one last time of the "official summer season..."

Even getting Katie in the ocean for her first swim...
And despite it being FREEEEEEZING and her teeth chattering, she NEVER wanted to leaveJ  It was either chasing seagulls or charging for the ocean for the rest of the day for this girlJ

After 4 hours of lounging leisurely chasing Katie, we headed back to the house for some glorious showers (is there really anything better than a shower after the beach??) and sat down for a dinner fit for an evening by the sea...

Which means grilled potatoes, corn & lima beans, shrimp cocktail and LOBSTER TAILS dipped in butter...
They were SO GOOD, I'm only mildly ashamed to admit I had 2!  Hey- it IS the last week of summer after all!

Katie wasn't feeling the lobster, but we all cracked up when she hauled over to my Mother-in-Law's place at the table and just picked up her whole baked potato and shoved it in her mouthJ
She's one classy broadJ

And for SECOND dessert of the day (ahhhemmm...did I mention we chased Katie a LOT??  I HOPE that somewhat balances everything outJ)....

A phenomenal chocolate raspberry crumb cake from Cameo Cakes in Brielle.  That ENTIRE top part was crumbs which is just the way it should be.  It's what's right in the worldJ

And after that day, let's just say we ALLLLL slept soundly last night.  I think Katie nearly fell asleep while I was putting her pajamas on once we got home.  Thanks seagulls & sand for wearing her outJ

Well, it's back to normal today.  Hitting publish and then hitting Yoga!  Have a great one!

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