Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bit the bullet...

Morning everyone!  Sooooo...despite my best attempts the Youtube tutorial did NOT work on my ole camera and I finally just had to bite the bullet and order a new lens.  And when I say 'new' I mean 'refurbished' to keep the cost below the quote the camera company sent just to LOOK at the camera.  Hopefully, it's a worth-it purchase and I'll be back up to 'normal' running in no time (thanks to the quick shipping, it's scheduled to arrive today!)

Until then, here's my (dark & blurry) Monday recap:

8:00am:  Coffee with creamer & cinnamon (my latest 'FAVORITETHINGEVER')

9:30am:  Breakfast- Whipped banana oatmeal with sunflower butter
I've been obsessed with all things sunflower butter lately.  Give me your shoe, and I'll slather it with sunflower butter and chow downJ  And since it melts soooooo well over oatmeal, the amount in that bowl in LESS than 2 tablespoons...it just drizzles THAT well.

12:30pm:  Lunch- Tuna & avocado on a lettuce wrap 

2:30pm:  Snack- 2% cheese stick 

 5:30pm:  Dinner- Grilled Chicken Tacos
OK, so confession:  Maybe you won't feel like you missed out on too much last week when I tell you this was our THIRD taco night in less than a week.  

I KNOW.  We just can't get enough!!!  How very un-Monday of us.

Taco-seasoned grilled chicken, cool guacamole, crispy lettuce, smooth cheese & crunchy taco shells.  Despite SIX of these bad bears inhaled within a few days, I STILL could have had JUST ONE MORE EXTRA last nightJ 
And yes, to add to carb-overload, I just can't deny my blatant love for yellow rice mixed with black beans.  I'm blaming Scott for this, since he loves them as much as me and encourages this nonsense....


6:30-7:45pm:  Beginner's Power Yoga
Done in a 400% humidity and 700 degree room HAS to be MAX calorie burn.  I mean, AMIRIGHT??  (and no, it wasn't bikram yoga...it was just DAMN HOT in the room!)

8:30pm:  Dessert- Thomas Sweet's Ice cream
And while we're on the subject of being very "Un-MONDAY," an impromtu ice cream date with a friend led us to Thomas Sweet's for some IRRESISTIBLE Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice cream and lots of chatter.  Yes, that's in ice cream that taste like cookie dough rather than studded with cookie dough.  It's HEAVEN and NOT to be missed when visiting TS!
Here's hoping chatter ALSO burns MAX caloriesJ

In non-food news, my life feels semi-back to normal now that I've just finished reading my latest book:
If you want a LIGHTENING fast read that is a positive page turner, GO READ THIS BOOK ASAP!!!  I seriously COULD NOT put it down, even with my frustration of having to put down the equally intoxicating "Inferno" to get this one back to the library ASAP.  It was an obsessive read...and that's all I'm gonna say about THAT...except thanks for the recommendation, Miss Aimee!J

ANYWAYS, have a good Tuesday everyone...and make sure to stop at the bookstore on your way homeJ

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