Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Jersey Strong...

Morning everyone!  We are in the midst of the most GLORIOUS weather week here in Jersey.  Mid-70's, sunny & no humidity.  It's pure perfection.  And with weather so nice mixed with Scott's week off from work, how could we stay inside??  So off we headed down to the Jersey Shore yesterday to the Point Pleasant boardwalk...

Well, we did make a quick pit stop at the little marina area before heading onward.  Lunch IS the most important meal of the day...right?J

And when down the shore, how can you NOT head for an open-air seafood joint...

...with gorgeous views like THIS while you eat:

And how can you NOT order the Jersey lobster roll with homemade fries??

Taste of the sea at it's finest  (although New England still may have the market on lobster rolls...the buttered roll is kinda essentialJ)

Katie also enjoyed her first bites of lobster tooJ  Never too early to start em on the finer things in life...hahahahahahhaahhaa

After lunch, we headed to the boardwalk, which I was happy to see was fully up & functioning after Hurricane Sandy in October.  You could tell about 95% of the boardwalk was made of new boards from what was previously washed away.  Seeing it all rebuilt was certainly the definition of "Jersey Strong!"
The only sad part of the day was when we visited the section of the beach where we got engaged/have our beach picnics and seeing the rebuilding that was still ongoing.  The steps & lookout we used to take to just GET on that beach were completely wiped away.  Puts everything in perspective.

But anyway...back to the happy partsJ  Where the rest of the day was spent taking Katie on her first rides...aka- she did NOT enjoy these just yetJ

And to the Jenkinsons aquarium... 

...which went over WAY better than the ridesJ

And despite there being 400 delicious places to get ice cream on the boardwalk, when in Point Pleasant we just HAVE to make a stop at Hoffman's on the way homeJ  Especially since I'd been thinking about their toasted coconut ice cream since my other cone 3 days ago...hehehehehhee

And this time, Katie got to have her first bites of Hoffman's too...

...which she subtly enjoyedJ

Well, I hope this little post made you guys smileJ  Should have some more fun eats for you guys tomorrowJ

Have a good Wednesday!

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