Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pasta & pesto...minus the carbs!

Tuesday Recap:

8:00am:  Coffee with creamer

10:0am:  Breakfast- Triple Chocolate Chunk Vitatop

12:00pm:  Lunch- Celery with 2 tbs. peanut butter

2:30pm:  Snack - 1/2 bowl of Brown sugar oatmeal squares

40 Minutes Elliptical
So we recently got an elliptical 'lent' to us and I figured I'd go and try it out.  And while I was at it, I thought I'd make a new 'workout playlist' with some old favs & some new favs from Body Jam & boxing classJ  Thought I'd share if you needed some new upbeat tunes:
  • I Miss the Misery - Halestrom
  • I'm Shipping up to Boston - The Departed soundtrack (LOOOVVVEEE that movie!)
  • My Songs know What You Did in the Dark - Fall Out Boy
  • Numb - Usher
  • On Top of the World - Imagine Dragons
  • Radioactive - Imagine Dragons
  • S&M (Remix) - Rihanna & Britney Spears
  • Serenity - Godsmack  (old schoo favlJ)
  • Sex on Fire - Kings of Leon
  • She Doesn't Mind - Sean Paul
  • Tightrope - Janelle Monae
  • Till the World Ends - Britney Spears
  • Sparks (Turn off your Mind) - Fedde le Grand & Nicky Romero
I hit shuffle & this playlist kept me moving for 45 minutes straight to the tune of a 425+ calorie burn.  Thought that wasn't too bad for my VERY FIRST TIME ON AN ELLIPTICAL.  No jokeJ

6:00pm:  Zucchini "pasta" with pesto

If you have a mandolin, this dish comes together in absolutely no time!  I cranked out these 2 zucchinis into strands in under 3 minutes...

But if you don't, you can always just chop up the zucchini into the thinnest strands possible.  I had some great looking scallions in the fridge & decided I wanted shred those into spaghetti strands & had to slice em by hand.  (was toooo leery to slice the thin scallions with on the mandoline!)   
It's a little more tedious, but it still gets the job done!  Once they were chopped, I tossed em into a pot with some garlic & olive oil and let them soften up for about 10 minutes or so.

Meanwhile, I got to working on the pesto.  Just look how purty my basil was... 

Into a food processor went: 
  • 2 cups (or more) of basil
  • 4 garlic (or less) cloves 
  • 1/4 cup grated cheese
  • small handful of walnuts
  • Drizzle of olive oil
I only used a drizzle of olive oil here & it gave it a pretty good consistency.  If you want it a little more 'saucy' without all the extra oil, you can always add in some chicken or vegetable broth to thin it out.  

Finally, I added the pesto to the 'noodles' and let it all warm up together for a few minutes.  I'm sure there are plenty of you out there who are braver than me and could eat this ENTIRE dish raw & cold...which is totally fine, but I like my meals more on the warmer side of thingsJ 

I think you will seriously LOVE this 'pasta swap!'  Low cal & delicious and zucchini noodles are a GREAT place to use a heavy-on-the-flavor sauce like pesto.  You really just taste the pesto & can kinda ignore the fact that you're actually scarfing down a boatload of zucchini! (and scallionsJ)

And spreading the wealth of our MAMMOTH lettuce from the market, we had some side salads...that I also topped with a little leftover pesto.  Yum..that was a good call, I must say! 

And despite it being CLOSE & HUMID inside, the back porch was jusssssssssttttt right to sit outside last night.  It was enjoyed all around, me thinksJ 

Alright, I better get this post up since I'm running behind today!  Have a great rest of your day!


Cheri said...

YUM! Thanks for this idea with the zucchini swap! I'm trying out more GF recipes and this is just the trick!

Julie said...

Such a good one..after I saw this I was wishing I had zucchini. I made Giada's Rigatoni w eggplant puree..the zucchini would have been perfect for it! Next time.. Although you are going to need to show me how to use a mandolin b/c I seriously can never make it happen.

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