Friday, May 3, 2013

Enjoyin the sun...

Thursday Recap:

7:30am:  Coffee with creamer

9:00am:  Breakfast- Multigrain waffle with butter & flax seed

12:30pm:  Lunch- Cake Batter "Green Monster"

3:00pm:  Snack- 7 Dark Chocolate Almonds 

5:00-6:00pm:  Body Jam class
I have been COMPLETELY exhausted at my workouts this week!  I don't know where my energy's gone, but hopefully it comes back soon!  Thankfully this class is, like, endorphin it's super easy to push through even when you're beatJ

6:30pm:  Dinner- Pizza Kitchen
And maybe the reason my energy has been low is because I've had NO DESIRE to cook this week (I KNOW).  Last night was the ONLY night I was scheduled to cook dinner all week...and I JUST didn't have it in me.  Well...that and the fact that it was absolutely GORGEOUS out last night and I just wanted to be OUT enjoying it. (because I KNOW it's going to go from 65 to 146 with 97% humidity in NJ in a second!)  So we headed over to the little unassuming Pizza Kitchen in Yardville...

Pizza Kitchen is mostly a take-out place, but they have a VERY QUIET little patio area in the back that I thought would be a perfect place to enjoy the sunshine...

I even spied a little basil garden being grown in the backJ 

Not to mention their pizza is REALLY, REALLY good.  We just went with a classic Trenton tomato pie and it hit the spot perfectly.  

Plus we got the benefit of burning some of it off while we let Katie run around a bit since there was no one aroundJ  She was quite proficient in stone & picnic table drumsJ

After Katie was in bed & Survivor was playing from the DVR, we cracked into some of "Scott's" treats from Momofuku...

The CORN cookie (yes, THAT corn) was good...but after sampling that Blueberry & Cream cookie, this one just didn't hold a candle to itJ

But the sub par stopped there when we sampled ANOTHER treat:  Cake batter Truffles! 
WOW!  These tasted like rolls of soft, raw cookie dough...oh yeah, studded with jimmies.  Can that ever be bad?  But it was even somehow better than THAT description.  Trust me!

Alrighty...well, I've already bought Katie an entire summer wardrobe from the Best Dressed for Less Consignment sale today (Moms in the area...RUN, do not walk, here!  The deals are phenomenal!)  And tonight, my BFF & I are heading off to Philly to see one of our favs live!  (here's a hint)  I'll hopefully get a chance to blog this weekend to tell you about our trip...because we have lots more 'foodie' stuff going on this weekend too!  My 'weekend recap' may end up being a senior thesisJ hahahhahahaha...


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