Thursday, May 23, 2013

Address your Thank you notes accordingly...

Wednesday Recap:

8:00am:  Coffee with creamer

9:30am:  Breakfast- "Biggest Loser Pancakes" with peanut butter & syrup
These kept me full for an ABSURD amount of time!  Seriously...just keep reading!J

10:30-11:45am:  Power Yoga
This class was its on special brand of brutal yesterday morning as the room was PACKED and VERYYYYY HUMID.  Now I UNDERSTAND yoga is about 'sweatin out the toxins' and the heat helps make you more 'bend-y,' but this was just craziness:)  Probably the closest I've ever come to Bikram 'hot' yoga.  Just DRENCHED!  I happen to make a quick run to the nearby grocery store right after and only when I got home did I realize my hair looked akin to MEDUSA.  Thank God Katie was with me and hopefully provided a distraction for everyone!  Maybe they all didn't notice my sweat & humidity induced WILD HAIR...I hopeJ

2:30pm:  Lunch- Peach Fage 
I always buy the Fage with the honey, forgetting how much I very much adore the peach.  If we HAVE to deal with summer, the peach is very seasonally appropriateJ

And that was all I had for the afternoon. Maybe it was combo of the peanut butter & the HEAT where I just wasn't very hungry yesterday.  Well, until an absurdly early dinner (we're oldJ) made with the help of one of the most lovely seasonal jewels.. 

5:00pm (yep!):  Dinner-  Strawberry Chicken with cheese grits & pepper and corn saute... 
I know you're thinking to yourself "HUH??????", but just TRUST ME, you will NOT have a better dinner this week than this dish!  It seems to be one I manage to make year after year because it's just so DAMN GOOD!

The strawberry sauce (made with sugar & sherry wine) makes a sweet backdrop for the SALTY chicken topped with the tangy Gorgonzola, herb-y thyme & smoky bacon (it's usually prosciutto, but we were plum out).  This dinner is sweet & salty on steroids.   
Please just try it....and then address your Thank you notes to c/o My Tasty Journey...hahahahahahahhahaa! It's just THAT good!

And I had remembered in the past I had made this dinner with a pepper/corn saute (mixed with a bit of red onion & thyme), but when I saw I had ALSO made it with cheese grits...well, it was OVAH!  Cheese grits just NEEDED to happen! 

8:00pm:  Dessert
And when you eat dinner at 5, you KNOW there's going to be another nibble later on...hahahhahaha!  And ours just happened to be my newest find from the grocery store yesterday afternoon:

GREEK yogurt AND protein...I yelled at Scott "THIS IS PRACTICALLY HEALTH FOOD!"

hahahahhaha...just kidding (sortaJ)   I thought it was going to be tart from being Greek yogurt, but this was super sweet & creamy with just a bit of honey & cinnamon mixed in...
...oh yeah, and a little added shredded coconut I had mixed in...cause I'm wild & crazy like thatJ

OK...again, hurrying to post this before the day gets away from me!  Have a good one!

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