Thursday, April 18, 2013

Where we're going & where we've been...

Wednesday Recap:

8:00am:  Coffee with creamer

9:00am:  Breakfast- Banana Coconut Green Monster
I just figured I'd make a small glass since my new little smoothie swiper just LOVES to sample what I have...even with a whole highchair tray of Cheerios & bananaJ

Oh well, who would pass up the chance to see a baby in a spinach-green mustache, anyways?
And with that, I've managed to polish off a whole bag of spinach in 2 days.  Yeah...that surprised me tooJ

10:30am-12:00pm:  Power Yoga Class

1:00pm:  Lunch-Peanut Butter chocolate chip Larabar
I wanted EVERYTHING and NOTHING for lunch today.  Ya know that feelin?  So before I plowed through the cabinets trying to figure out what I wanted, with NOTHING hitting the spot, I just slammed down this Larabar and went and cleaned some dishes to take my mind off of food, period!
And it actually worked...despite my mid-afternoon Pinterest browsing seshJ

3:00pm:  Snack-9 Dark Chocolate Almonds
I probably should have had fruit for a snack...but my salt-tooth was flying off the radar.  And, ya know, who can complain about a chocolate fix too?

6:00pm:  Dinner- The return of GNUDI
Wohoooooo...who doesn't love a night where GNUDI is on the menu??

A quick mix of ricotta, eggs, parmesan, spinach & flour formed into dumpings... 

...a quick boil & kept warm in hot gravy.. 

So good!  Cheesy & decadent, but light, airy and not at all heavy...these are a cinch to throw together, but I think are even quicker to eatJ  I think I had dinner polished off in under 10 minutesJ

Oh yeah...and we had salad too, cause gals can't live on cheese alone.  But God, I wish we couldJ 

Katie was also a fan of her first samples of Gnudi...or was it her new 'child appropriate' forks?J 

Even if, after awhile, the fork was ditched to make way for a quicker way to shove in those dumpling bites.  No time for 'fork practice' when there's cheesy bites staring you in the face.  Can ya blame the kid?? 
Gnudi:  Approved by adults & 1 year olds alikeJ

And in other random thoughts, how bout some Weight Lose musings, shall we? (and who doesn't always need some of THAT?!)  So I've gone back and forth between being ELATED and soooooooooo frustrated trying to battle off these LAST. FEW. "KATIE." POUNDS!  I'm so close I can TASTE it and as of this morning, I'm only 3 pounds away.  Now I've been working out quite a bit (bumping up my cardio to an hour 2-3 days a week on top of my 2-3 days of power yoga a week) and FEEL good and fit, but I JUST want to see the DAMN NUMBER ON THE SCALE, ya know??   ...
Soooooooo...yesterday at yoga class I surprised myself by balancing a pose I didn't even think I would be able to get INto (a shaky little version of this number, in case you're wondering), so the teacher proceeded to start telling everyone else who was trying the move that "you might not be able to get it today, but in 3 months of working, you can get it."  Which got me thinking that a year ago I probably wouldn't have been able to balance that pose AND I was twenty pounds away from where I am today.  I had been SOOOOOOO focused on those last few pounds, that I hadn't even REALIZED that or to look back and see how far I've come.  What were you doing this time last year?  How has your life changed since then?  We really are so focused on where we're going, that we sometimes forget all we've accomplished to get where we are today.  So my advice for today:  Be proud of where you are NOW.  Maybe you're a LITTLE bit stronger, or even just THINKING about trying to get healthier.  ANY little positive change is better than where you were yesterday and setting you up to head in the right direction!

Don't even get me started on my loooooooong journey of my college degree in Film & Media Arts and where that may lead.  That's for another time & placeJ've heard WAY more than you needed from me today!  Have a good Thursday!

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