Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Pizza Bites...

Tuesday Recap:

8:00am:  Coffee with creamer

9:00am:  Breakfast-2 multigrain waffles with butter & flaxseed
I knew I was going to be on the go this morning, and since I was COMPLETELY STARVING by 11:30am on Monday, I thought I'd slam down two of these bad bears before heading out the door.  And I honestly don't think I was really hungry for the rest of the day after thatJ  These things are REALLY filling!

4:00pm:  Snack- Strawberries 

I followed the above recipe to the letter, only swapping in mini turkey pepperonis... 

...oh yeah, and making more "Quinoa MUFFINS" than bitesJ  Ain't nobody got time for THAT!J 

The only suggestion would be to make sure you add enough herbs & spices.  These definitely needed a lot more oregano and salt...that side of marinara for dipping was definitely needed.
(ps-Katie LOVED these...sans the pepperoniJ)

And don't pack those veggies away too far!  Considering it was blustery & COLD yesterday in Jersey, these seemed completely appropriate.  Oh, I love them so...  

8:00pm:  Dessert
And maybe a slice of Ivy's Cake was had... 
...and maybe it was heated in the microwave for 30 seconds to melt the buttermilk glaze...

...and then maybe a scoop of vanilla ice cream was involved.  Just saying!

Alright, I'm better get a move on & into my yoga clothes for class today!  Fun dinner out tonight...hopefully I remember my cameraJ

Have a good one!

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