Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Not sorry...

Monday Recap:

9:30am:  Breakfast- Banana Bread
Couldn't resist having another pieceJ

10:30am:  Coffee with creamer

12:00pm:  Lunch- Apple with peanut butter


2:00pm:  Snack #1- Dark Chocolate Carnation Instant Breakfast with Coconut Milk 


4:00pm:  Snack #2- Strawberries

And after these MAMMOTH strawberries, I FINALLY felt full!  My metabolism was HOPEFULLY humming today. 

And, as usual, I had to shareJ

5:30pm:  Dinner- Chili Baked Potatoes & Roasted Cabbage

Chili potatoes are one of our favorite uses for leftovers.  Just bake a potato, toss on some leftover chili & dinner is served!  Besides...chili is better when it's leftover anywaysJ

Chili potatoes are pretty filing enough to be a meal on their own, but I had some leftover cabbage & thought I'd try roasting it up... 
A drizzle of olive oil, a dash of Worcestershire & a dash of salt and into the oven for 25 minutes in a 400 degree oven.
Another great way to use the oven to create "veggie magic."  Roasting just manages to bring out the BEST flavors in ALL veggies (wayyyyyyyyyyy better than boring ole' STEAMING, in my opinion) 

6:30-7:45:  Beginners Power Yoga class

And after yoga, I drove RIGHT to the store to quell one of the cravings I've had for MONTHS!  DEFINITELY a splurge but OH. SO. WORTH. IT!
I love you, coconut crack...but there are just some things that can only be cured by the originalsJ hehehehhehehe

I enjoyed every spoon of coconut cream & tossed the bottom shell.  That's gotta save me about 100 calories...right??  RIGHT?? 

Gotta get some "Easter Bunny" shopping done today.  Can anyone else believe how FAST that crept up?  I feel like 3 minutes ago we were decking the halls!  Sigh...I already can't waitJ

Too soon?


Have a good Christmas...I mean, Tuesday, everyone!

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