Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bundle of birthdays...

Hi everyone!  So after a week of running around like a complete LUNATIC getting ready for Katie's big 1st birthday party...
...which was a SMASHING success!..

Dinner highlights that week included Pretzel-crusted chicken with cheddar mustard sauce & cauliflower-crusted cheesy garlic pizza which, while flimsy, was REALLLLLY delicious! 

And pea & pesto risotto..which I HATED making (40 minutes of high maintenance stirring!J)

...but Katie LOVED devouring! 

And what may become a birthday tradition for Katie: Cake batter pancakes!

And then the day after Katie's party I was SLAMMED back with a stomach virus for nearly an ENTIRE week.

No photos neededJ

So anyway, I'M BACK!  And back to share a fun day:  My birthday!  So I'm not USUALLY a fan of my b-day (although spending it walking the Golden Gate bridge a few years back was a highlight!)  But when it includes a face like this...

 ...a little playtime at Giggleberry Fair at Peddler's Village in Lahaska, PA...

...a stroll on an unseasonably GORGEOUS March day... 

...and dinner with ABE LINCOLN?  Well, I'd call that a successful way to turn 34, wouldn't you?? 
Ahem, Abe Lincoln was brought to you by "Evening in the Colonial Kitchen," held annually at the Cock n' Bull restaurant on Monday nights during the winter season.  Now I'm not much of a history buff, but give me "living history" and I'm all over it!  And once I spied the 4 course, 18-century style menu, I was sold hook, line and Lincoln.

I mean, any menu that starts with a bread basket variety, I'm OK with.  Mixed in were fresh buttermilk biscuits (always a fave!), sweet zucchini bread and spicy pumpkin bread.  Yum...carbsJ  

Next up was the creamy & dreamy corn chowder.  Perfect for when our beautiful day turned into a chilly evening.

Course #2 was a little experimental.  You could either go with a tossed green salad (boring) OR the black cherry "shallet" (or gelatin mold), topped with a sour cream/walnut dressing.   
It wasn't very pretty, but it was so yum!  Sweet, studded with cherries & topped with the tangy walnut sauce...Katie & I both torn this one upJ

And our entree?  Well, here's the fun part:  You got to either pick 1 dinner portion OR 2 smaller portions!  I LOVEEEEEEEEE to try as many things on the menu as possible, so this was perfect for me! 

First up was the Queen Anne's "Pye" (can you believe this was the MINI serving??), which was a delicious & cozy chicken, ham & swiss cheese pie topped with puff pastry (let's not kid-my TRUE favorite part!) 

But my favorite was the absolute fork tender New England boiled beef brisket.  It just flaked off with my fork, it was so tender!  Heaven! 

And did I mention I love SAMPLES??  So imagine my delight when we didn't have to pick ONE dessert, but got to sample them ALL??  Wohoooooo! 
In descending order of deliciousness:  

#4:  The tangy lemon tart
#3: The sweet raspberry almond 'pye'
#2:  The creamy apple whisky & tart
#1:  Both Scott & my fav:  the spiced carrot cake

The meal was great and it was a really cute night.  They had folks demonstrating 18th-century cooking while you waited for your table (JUST about to take their pic when our table got called...which, SORRY, I booked it for the dining roomJ), historical characters roaming around to give a quick history lesson (Susan B. Anthony was very sweet to Katie.  Just sayin), as well as live music & plenty of charm, Evening in the colonial kitchen was REALLY cute...especially for families with school-aged kids who are learning about the characters.  We'll definitely be going back once it's book report time for KatieJ  hahhahahaha

Anyway, that about wraps up my day/weeks!  I'm headin out yet AGAIN for dinner tonight, so here's hopin I remember the camera againJ

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!

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