Sunday, February 10, 2013


Saturday Recap:

Which, OF COURSE, began with a survey of the SNOW Nemo left for usJ  Not as much as New England, but enough to introduce Katie to a winter wonderlandJ  (more on that in a bit!)


9:30am:  Breakfast- Oatmeal with chia seeds, peanut butter & a drizzle of maple syrup
Which kept me warm & full for:

11:15-12:30:  Power Yoga
It felt soooooooo good to get out and STRETCH after a few days off from working out.  Not to mention my favorite teacher ended up subbing this morning so that was a double bonus!

1:00pm:  Lunch- Greek olive Hummus with Multigrain pita chips 
I'm actually not a huge fan of flavored hummus (I'm not even crazy about GARLIC...can you imagine??), but this olive hummus I'm OBSESSED with.  It just has an extra briney & salty kick from the olives that I lovveee...

And apparently someone ELSE did, as well... 

3:00pm:  Snack- Strawberries

Then it was time for the FUN! 

She was NOT sure what to make of it all.  She hardly moved the entire time and just took it all in.  We could have left her out there, went shopping, went to dinner and she still would have been in the exact same spot we left her.  Scott called it the ultimate baby-sitterJ.

6:00pm:  Dinner- Pepperoni pizza & salad
I was WAYYYYYYYYY past hungry by the time we sat down to dinner.  Thank God for the salad or I would have been a raging lunatic & ate the whole pie!  Thankfully, I was able to keep it to 2 piecesJ

I rolled out a wheat crust and topped it with sauce & fresh (frozen) basil...
And remind me never to BUY sauce again!  I simply mixed:
  • 1 can of diced tomatoes
  • 1 can of paste
  • garlic powder
  • oregano
  • onion powder
  • salt
...and that was all!  How easy is that??

And then it got REALLLLLLLLLLLLLY nerdy up in this joint...

Don't adjust your screens...those are indeed pepperoni:  Valentines editions.
Yes....we are nerds.  I'm OK with thisJ

8:00pm:  Dessert- Brownie Mix Truffles 
So as soon as I saw the absolutely GORGEOUS post & recipe for Brownie Mix Truffles on Kristin's website, I knew I HAD to try these.  They looked WAYYYYYYYY too adorable not to make ASAP.  And throw in the fact that I found a RANDOM box of fudgy brownie mix in the cabinet yesterday morning, it was signed, sealed, delivered.

I mean, how easy is 'fluffed' baked brownies rolled into balls, dipped in melted chocolate and decorated with adorable sprinkles??
And they were as good as they looked.  MAYBE even BETTER!  I had 2 for dessert...and it took ALL of my willpower not to go back into the kitchen for more.

Portion control, Donna...portions!

I'm actually in the process of making another RED item, this time for Sunday morning breakfast, as I type this!  Here's hoping it comes out as good as those trufflesJ  

Enjoy your Sunday, everyone!

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