Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Backwards and forwards...

Hey everyone...sorry for the delayed post, but these last few days have been a little TOOOO indulgent!  Saturday there was Five Guys burgers...(not our original "Valentines plan," but a pretty decent back up!)

...that unfortunately looked better than they tasted.  I am a lover of MOUNDS OF SWEET, SWEET icing...but these were WAY too sweet for me.  What does THAT tell ya???  (and I SO wanted to LOVE you Samoa & Chocolate covered strawberry cupcake!!)

Sunday was a bridal shower with more yummy eats & Monday was capped off with a Short Rib sandwich that was SOGOOD that I forgot to photograph it.  Ei yi yi!  Too much food & not enough exercise.  My body COMPLETELY revolted on me & I've had major headaches since Saturday night.  Thankfully, Monday night yoga pulled me back together and I'm jumpin right back on the horse this weekJ

Tuesday Recap:

6:45-7:25am:  Body by Bethenny- 40 minute yoga

8:00am:  Hot Lemon Water

9:30am:  Breakfast- Strawberry yogurt with 2 tablespoons sliced almonds 

1:00pm:  Lunch- Whipped banana oatmeal with peanut butter
Even though yesterday was all about moving forward, my day was completely backwards once lunch time rolled around and the ONLY thing that sounded appealing was a hot bowl of BREAKFAST OATS.  Oh long as it was HEALTHY, who cares what the clock says??J

3:30pm:  Snack #1-  1 Cheese stick & 2 clementines
Yep..that didn't do too much for me.  So THIS had to happen:

4:30pm:  Snack #2- 1 handful Soy Crisps 
After that snack, I knew I wasn't going to be a raving lunatic for dinner.  Sometimes ya just gotta eat so you don't OVEREAT!

6:00pm:  Dinner- Quinoa Lettuce wraps with Chickpea Masala
I'm always looking for a good recipe from Aarti to try out.  This one was SO simple that the hardest thing was making the quinoa.  Which is as hard as waiting for water to boilJ


I used cashews in the place of pine nuts (LOVED the crunch!), skipped the diced cherries (didn't think Scott would like that) & subbed orange zest & juice for grapefruit (because that's what we had on hand.) 
OH!  And I also DOUBLED the spices!   Yes, ME, miss anti-spice actually went holy haywire with the tumeric and gama masala!  Just make sure you TASTE as you go along.

These were sooooooo light & delicious. If you need a good 'detox meal'...look no further than these guys.  Super simple, healthy and permeated with all those lovely Indian spices.  We didn't have a drop of the quinoa leftover!

Nor did we have any leftovers of this... 

Chickpeas simmered in a exquisite masala sauce made by the ease of a toss in the microwave.  I ADORE TJ's masala sauce...add that to some chickpeas and I'm a fan!  It made a great & simple side.

Well, that wraps up Tuesday.  Hope you enjoyed 'getting back on the horse' with meJ  Ya gotta splurge sometimes and then ya just gotta pull it back togetherJ

Have a good Wednesday, everyone!

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