Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Saved by the Freezer...

Monday Recap:

8:00am:  Hot Lemon Water

9:30am:  New favorite repeat Breakfast alert!  I'm obsessed with my multigrain waffles!  
(and I can make them before Katie manages to rearrange ALL of the magnets off the fridgeJ)

1:30pm:  Lunch- Spinach & Black beans with mozzarella (& almonds)
So, as easy as breakfast was to figure out...I must have went through every cabinet and square inch of my fridge trying to figure out WHAT sounded good for lunch.  After nothing seemed appealing, I figured I'd just wait until I was REALLY hungry to figure out what sounded best.  And it worked!
I knew I wanted VEGETABLES from the lack of them this weekend...but besides a rouge bag of carrots, a zucchini I was going to use for dinner & some green onions, we had ZIP!  Until I HIT THE FREEZER where a HUGE bag of frozen spinach started me in the face!  Here's where frozen veggies are sooooo handy!  A quick rinse in water for about 5 minutes and a saute in a pan for a few MORE minutes & this was quick and healthy in no time flat. 
I was planning on making a spinach quesadilla again, until I realized it wasn't the carby/120 calorie tortilla I wanted.  It really was just the gooey cheese center.  So I made an 'unwrapped' quesadilla filled with spinach, black beans (about 1/4 can) & topped with a little melted low fat mozzarella.  SOOOO good!  (And this EASILY could be made the night before & reheated for an even quicker lunch!) 
Lesson to be learned:  Figure out what you REALLLLLLLLY want, before you just eat out of habit.  This totally hit the spot & was exactly what I was wishing for.

Oh, except the fact that by the time I figured out what to have AND made this, I was probably PAST "very hungry"...so I had 6 dark chocolate covered almonds to fill me up even more.  
Honestly, I probably could have kept on eating because I still didn't feel totally full, but I knew I had had enough filling food.  So, I just CONSCIOUSLY made a point to keep myself busy (by...ahem...putting away my Christmas decorations...ahem), and before I knew it, my stomach caught up to my brain & the hunger completely passed and I felt full.  Lesson #2 of the day, I supposeJ

3:30pm:  Snack- An, um, awkward looking Pear

5:30:  Dinner- Endive Taco Boats
Now I KNOW it was just last Monday when I had made a grande statement that "SALAD NIGHTS HAD MADE A RETURN!!!"  But see, we have perfect 'salad weather' coming up tomorrow (ummm...high of 63 tomorrow??) and these endive leaves that I was planning on using for this dinner didn't look like they'd last one.more.day...
So "Monday night/Endive Taco night" was had!  Now, don't get me wrong...I LOVEEEEEE me some tacos in the crunchy (AND CHEESY!) shells!  But if you're looking for a way to cut back a bit without loosing too much flavor or the 'experience,' a swap like using endive leaves in place of taco shells is the way to go.  And, come on, how cute are these boats anyways?? 
ps-if you can't find endive & you want something similar...just try romaine lettuce leaves.  It won't be as sturdy as these little leaves, but you can still WRAP!

I cooked up 3/4 pound of ground turkey and dug back into the fridge for a little more veg:  some fire roasted peppers & onions to bump up the meat....

And then filled the boats & topped with a little cheese and diced green onions...

Cripsy, cheesy & a healthier way to get your Mexican fill...(and ps-a little sour cream makes a good 'glue' to hold everything togetherJ)

Our side dish was a mix of all the last vegetables (fresh & frozen) that I had on hand... 

Even Katie gobbled it right up!  It was her first time trying red & green peppers, and she LOVED the diced onionsJ

6:30-8:00pm:  Beginners Power Yoga class
HEAVEN, HEAVEN, HEAVEN is the only way to describe this class last night.  I think it was because we did A LOT of standing balancing poses, which I'm pretty good at (MUCH better than arm balances!), and those tend to COMPLETELY clear your mind...because you can't think about much else besides not falling on your ass when your holding a Warrior 3 or a twisted extended leg poseJ

8:30pm:  Dessert
I was just craving something sweet and had this cup of pudding with toasted coconut tucked in the fridge for such 'sweet emergencies'...

I had went on a little pudding kick a couple weeks ago...both because it was cook & serve, so it came out nice and warm AND that my Mom given me her old fashioned little pudding cups!  Aren't they so cute and VINTAGE???

I woke up this morning feeling SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good!  I'm guessing it was the combo of a LOT of veggie-redemption yesterday + that insanely amazing yoga!  I loveeeeee when I feel so healthy.  It's much better than waking up feeling awful & gross.  (yet, I definitely still let myself get that way.  When will I FINALLY figure it all out??J)

Alright, Katie & I are off to fill the fridge back with some FRESH foods.  Talk to you tomorrow!

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