Monday, January 28, 2013

Freezing streets...

Weekend Recap:

Well...I had all these grande plans on Friday, that come Monday morning I'd have a dazzling array of photos for my weekend recap with lots of new things to share.  But my lack of photoskillz this weekend is forcing this blog to be shorter than I'd hoped...bummer!  BUT!  I do have a little Saturday recap for you from a trip to Hoboken & NYC that I took with some friends.

Oh, yeah...did I mentioned it was a trip coming on the tail-end of the coldest weather week we've had around these parts in a LOOONNGGGG TIME????  Ironic, no??  But we weren't gonna let a little ICY WIND and 22 degree HIGHS ruin our plansJ  Especially when we had somewhere to warm up in the shape of:

Stacks Pancake House in Hobokon was everything I love:  Carbs, coziness & maple syrupJ  And not only is your main meal carbs, BUT they even bring you out a little extra in case you didn't get your fill.
I just CAN NOT pass up some fresh cornbread.  This one was crumbly, sweet with a hint of vanilla cake (yep, gotta love that!)  Sooo goodJ

And despite my obvious joy of vanilla-y cornbread & love of all things maple syrup, you would probably be surprised to find out that I am really not that much a "sweet pancake" person.  I'm not big on the whole 'fruit on pancakes' thing (although some corn or the occasional cinnamon get my stamp of approval!J)  So these 'Healthy Originals" sounded the best to me!  I'll take grains over blueberries anydayJ 
Really HUGE & fluffy cakes ALSO dotted with bites of vanilla in the batter.  But I must say the BEST part of the breakfast was when I ordered bacon and the waiter asked me if I would like it CRISPY or SOFT!  A CHOICE???  AWESOME!  CRISPY.ALL.THE.WAY!!!  And it was made to light & crisp perfection.

We left Stacks feeling a little more ready for the chilly weather & headed into NYC for some shopping & walking.  Oh, and of course a skinny vanilla latte after those side streets became a little extra blusteryJ 

And there's where my recaps ends, unfortunatly.  Yesterday consisted of a whirlwind beautiful brunch for our friends birthday and a lovely pizza & salad dinner disguised as a surprise housewarming party for my MomJ  The only other image that made it's way onto my camera was Katie (of course).  Who, after trying some scrambled eggs & salmon at brunch, DEVOURED a cup of chocolate mousse & some whipped evident by her little chocolate lipsJ

And my only exercise this weekend came from running from place to place & fighting the winds and FREEZING COLD streets of good ole New York.  (Can't WAIT to do that again...IN THE SPRING!)

I'm ready to get back to my workouts & some veggies and fruits today after a pretty big lack thereof the past 2 days!  Eeehhh...that's what weekends are long as you pack em all in during the weekJ

Have a great Monday, everyone.  (well, as best as ya canJ)
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