Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Classic Summer....

Hey everyone!  Hope you guys had a great week and a great holiday.  Scott was off from work last week so we were here, there & everywhere trying to squeeze in as much "Family of 3" business as we couldJ  (aka-not spending too much time behind a computer)  But here's a brief glimpse of what our 4th of July partially looked like, as we continued to have another classic summer feast on Sunday night....

How can you go wrong with a classic hot dog....grilled to charred perfection, of course!

And my new picnic all-star???

This is Knock. Your. Socks. Off delicious!  Trust meJ  And soooooooooooo darn easy.  First up you start, as all potato salads do: with some diced, boiled & cooled potatoes...

Next, gather up the rest of your ingredients...
  • 1 avocado
  • 1/4 red onion, diced
  • 1 clove of garlic, minced
  • Squeeeze of lime juice
  • Salt & pepper 

Mash everything together like soooo....

Anndddd here's a way to keep this salad on the lighter side.  To keep the creamy consistency, ditch the traditional mayo and add 1 tablespoon of nonfat Greek yogurt....
I had used mayo on the 4th and Scott said you could TELL the difference, but that it didn't really make that much of a change.  The mayo just made it richer where the yogurt makes it a little tangier.  So it's up to you!  Whatever your preference.

Annnnyyywayyyy....mix the guacamole with the potatoes and WALLAH!  Your new picnic BFF! 
Rich, creamy & flavorful (with the added health benefits of the avocado!), Scott proclaimed this is how all potato salad should be made from now onJ  I might just oblige that one!  hehehehhehehehehe

To round out our summer fest, we also had some corn on the cob.  But did anyone else hear how the mid-America drought is going to affect corn crops this year?  And guess what THAT means??  Soaring prices for corn PLUS the cost of milk & meat.  Y.E.A.H.  I wonder if Jersey will be affected since we have quite a bit of our own corn crops??  We shall see.

Well I think you've heard about corn enoughJ  Now for one last thing I promised you:  my weekly workout schedule.  Let's just say this is what I AIMMMMMM for, and try my best to fit it all in as best as I can...

Monday:  1+ hours Beginners Power Yoga

Tuesday:  1 hour pilates DVD  (broken up into 2 parts while the baby is napping)

Wednesday:  1+ hours Power Yoga

Thursday:  1/2 hour dance + weights

Friday:  1 hour Zumba

Saturday:  1+ hours Power Yoga

Sunday:  1 hour Zumba

Obviously, ALLLL of that doesn't happen every single week.  The ones that I hardly EVER skip, though, are all of the yoga classes.  I'm just starting to fit Zumba (cardio) back into my workout and let's just say my first class back was TOUGH!!  Holy gasping for air!  But already by my next class I felt a LOT better, but it made me laugh how you can take for granted your "capacity" after you've been 'slacking' (or having a babyJ) for a bitJ

Alright, well that's about enough from me today.  Have a great Tuesday, everyone!

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