Friday, May 4, 2012

Any excuse for...

If there's one thing Scott & I are huge fans of:  It's buffalo chicken.  If we're not having crispy baked buffalo chicken fingers AT LEAST once a month, I'm usually looking for new ways to combine that spicy buffalo taste along with any excuse to eat blue cheeseJ  (like my buffalo chicken meatloaf!)  So last night I added a new member to our 'buffalo repertoire' and this one might be the easiest yet!
Because this one was made in the SLOW COOKER! 

That's right!  Hands on cooking time??  ZERO!  Wohooooooooooooo!  I added 2 boneless, skinless chicken breast to my slow cooker along with a half a cup of chicken broth and a few shakes from ye ole' buffalo sauce...this time a nice GARLIC flavor...
Then I let it cook on high for about 5 hours.  Then I drained out 3/4 of the cooking liquid, gave the chicken a quick shred and added just enough extra sauce to flavor it up.  Let it all heat up together for another 30 minutes or so and that part is DONE!

And how did we serve the chicken??

On nice, cooooooooool lettuce wraps!

I often ask Scott (after plowing through a burgerJ) why we don't use lettuce wraps MORE often.  They're super crisp, healthy and you REALLLY get to taste the sandwich fillings soooooo much better than with a thick, carby bread.  It's just one of those 'quick swaps' I always forgetJ

And as the coooooooool part of our wraps, I made none other than our FAVORITE blue cheese cole slaw.  This time I added a little broccoli slaw into the mix...
Truth be told, it was only to save time from having to dice up carrots & celery, but the broccoli slaw worked out JUSTTTT fineJ

To lighten up our 'slaw, I added 2 parts nonfat greek yogurt (about 1/2 cup) and 1 part mayo (about 1/4 cup)....

And OF COURSE, the beloved blue cheese crumblesJ  Which, let's be honest, is the MAIN star of this whole damn showJ

The slaw made an excellent WRAP well as a few spoonfuls as an extra side dishJ  We can't get enough of that stuff!

Such a FAST, HEALTHY and delicious dinner!  I lovvveddd all of the cooool lettuce wraps, cole slaw and blue cheese mixed with the moist & spicy chicken.  This one is definitely going in the mix for our 'buffalo favorites.'  (although, I DID miss the CRUNCH of the panko.  Just sayinJ)

Well, that about wraps up the week for me.  Hope you guys have a great weekend!  I can't believe it's already May and FARMER'S MARKET SEASON!  Seeeshhhhhhh...where did the time go???  

And speaking of are some fun Mexican recipes if anyone needs some ideas to celebrate Cinco de Mayo tomorrow!

Have a good Friday, everyone!

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