Monday, February 6, 2012

Quick check in...

So after quite a few days of take out OR not really even being in the mood to eat dinner, this blog has been pretty quiet.  SORRY!!!!  I'd be lying if I said cooking has been my favorite activity lately, as not too much sounds appealing these days.  I have to say the two things that do:  chocolate + cheese...hahahahahahhahaha  And how many dinners can you REALLY make with that??J (hey, I'm 9 months pregnant, can you blame me???)

So in an effort to kick start the blog for the week, I thought I'd just give you my workout run down from last week.  Hopefully it'll help you get motivated for the week ahead...especially after the "National Eating Day" yesterday.  Oh, I mean the SuperbowlJ  Jump right back to your healthy eating habits today and you don't even need to worry about 1 day of joy...I mean, overindulgenceJ hahahahhahahaha

Tuesday:  Weight Loss Yoga-Level 1+ 1 round of 8 pound weights

Thursday:  1+ hour Gentle Yoga class

Friday:  30 minutes Prenatal yoga + 1 round of 8 pound weights

Sunday:  45 minute walk in the park

It was around Tuesday at the 7 minute mark of the difficult yoga where I realized I needed to hang up the 'power yoga' for a bit.  I realized I was doing more modifications than exercises....and that, my friends, is what is called A SIGNJ  Definitely want to keep up the gentle yoga & weights for the stretch, strength and 'mental clarity,' but beyond that, I think my body is ready to take it easy for the next couple weeks.  Ya gotta listen to it, always!

Alright...that's all I got for you today.  Hopefully tomorrows post will be more exciting, but no promises!  My 'what I want for dinner' plans tend to change within minutes...hahahahahahahhahahaa

Have a good Monday!  And don't forget to drink lots of water!  It'll help detox your body from all those glorious eats yesterday!

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