Monday, November 21, 2011

Whirlwind Weekend recap...

Morning everyone!  Hope you guys had a great weekend.  Somehow mine turned into a whirlwindJ  One minute I was at the Farmer's Market bright & early on Saturday morning... 
...and in an instant it was Sunday night!  Although, there was lots of good eats that were had in betweenJ

Starting with a "ladies breakfast" at The Pop Shop.  My Mom had been wanting to go to the Collingswood Farmer's Market since July and thankfully we FINALLY got there...albeit, on the LAST market of the season!  So after gathering up our goodies, we headed in for a cozy breakfast.

We also brought along my best friend and her Mom/my "second Mom" to join in on the funJ 

I decided to go the 'savory route' for breakfast and try out their biscuits with sausage gravy.  This totally hit the carb spot with the fluffy biscuits & creamy/salty sausage gravy.  (Thankfully, my friend let me 'balance out' with a spot of sweet from a slice of her cinnamon bun french toast =best of both worldsJ

When we came home, I promptly unpacked all my loot... 

...and even a few "appropraite" treats for Penny!  (how cute are these??)
And I was EXTRA pleased when I came home and realized I had gotten all of those fresh veggies & fruit, apple cider, 2 loaves of treats bread from Great Harvest and Penny's Thanksgiving treats all for under $35!  Again I repeat = ALWAYS BUY "IN SEASON" when you can!  It can save you a bundle.

And the way to make your dollar stretch even MORE?  Cook & store!  When I came home, I promptly diced up the 2 huge heads of swiss chard and boiled em up to tenderize them... 

...and once they were drained & cooled, I tossed 2 containers worth in the freezer for easy use later on. 
This took me about 20 minutes and I now have 2 servings of swiss chard at the ready all for under $2.50.  Not bad, right?? 

So anyways...back to the foodJ  After a particular decadent & delicious dinner and Sugar + Sunshine cupcake for my best friend's birthday on Saturday night... 

...we wanted to make Sunday a bit of a "restart day" for the week.  Although...Sunday morning breakfast does NOT count and we had to indulge a bit in a slice of the little Pumpkin Chocolate Chip loaf from Great Harvest. 
At least I DID manage to keep it to this one little slice! Normal portion = no guilt!

And after a strawberry smoothie lunch, it was time to bust out the BIG GUNS in the veggie department.  I knew it wouldn't be long before we tried out ANOTHER 'stuffed potato' recipe and this one was made almost entirely of the produce we bought from the market

Into an olive oil drizzled pan went: 
  • 1 diced onion
  • 1/2 bunch of boiled, drained & diced Swiss chard
  • 1 tsp. crushed garlic
  • 3 diced strips bacon  (not necessary, but I thought the smoky taste would work well with the greens)
Once all of the veggies were cooked & heated, I mixed them into the flesh of 2 baked & scooped out sweet potatoes... the skins, topped em with a handful of cheese (Pepper jack for him/Gouda for her) and broiled em up till they were gooey and toasty... 

Just like the "pizza potatoes," we couldn't believe how good & FILLING these babies were!  Stuffed potatoes may be my new 'catch all' for random ingredients.  Everything just blended together so well (and I must say...I loved the smoke from the baconJ)  These were super tasty and VEGGIE PACKED!  Gotta love that...especially when you FEEL like your indulging in something decadent but WITHOUT the caloriesJ 

And speaking of "feeling decadent":  we served up our dinner with a side of KALE CHIPS(yes..more greeneryJ)   
The TRUE key to making the ultimate in 'potato chip' like kale chips is to REALLLLLLY cook them until they are just about BURNT.  I know it seems odds, but the near-burnt kale becomes the most crunchy & 'chip-like.'  It satisfies all of the salty, crunchy cravings...and if you closed your eyes on the 'greenage,' you wouldn't even be able to tell them apart from normal chipsJ  Bonus!

Well that about wraps up my 'food portion' of my weekend post.  And now onto my workout schedule from the week:

Wednesday:  1 hour Yoga for the Warrior (SOOOOOOOOOO proud I can still get through this one...even if I skipped the 3 minute ab section & the "awkward airplanes."  I hate that move SOOO MUCH that I'm giving myself a 9 month reprieve of it!  The baby doesn't need to be subjected to such thingsJ)

Friday:  1 hour of dance/jogs/2 rounds of weights + 45 minute walk

Saturday:  Bethenny yoga (40 minutes) + weights + "Booty Blast"

Sunday:  45 minute walk

Last week was one where I wasn't able to sneak in a little (20-30 minutes a day) exercise each day, so instead I tried to get a bigger workout in on the days where I could.  Some weeks just go that way and that's A-OK!  This week is going to be another since I don't know how many 'downward dogs' are going to be done when there is a parade & turkey to be had! hahahhahahahahhaa....

Which brings me to:  Wohooooooooooooo!  Thanksgiving WEEK!!!!!!!!!!  One I look forward to allllll year, and I can already tell you I'm going to have some fun things to show you this week....all culminated with that DELIGHTFUL DINNER & FA LA LA LA LAAAA on FRIDAY! 

Enjoy your Monday everyone!  (You have my permission to pretend it's Wednesday already! J) hahahahaha

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