Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Summer appropriate in November...?

I know I say it often, but this time I REALLY mean it:  Dinner last night was a goooooood one!  Super simple ingredients, most of which you may already have lying around the house + about 20 minutes of time will bring Crisp Gnocchi with Pesto & Goat Cheese to your table lickity split!

First up, I heated 4 mashed cloves of garlic in a drizzle of olive oil and let it all sizzle together for a few minutes... 
However, I HIGHLY suggest removing the garlic before step 2 and sparing yourself from having to fish it out once it starts burning in the next steps like I had to do. J

Next up, you add the gnocchi to the pan... 

Add 'em in a single layer and allow them to crisp up, without flipping, for about 4 minutes... 

Flip after a few minutes and let the gnocchi crisp all around...YUM!  Crisping them up gave em a nice little bite on the outside while still staying pillowy soft on the inside.  SUCH a cool way to cook gnocchi! 

Next in the pan, add some quartered *farmer's market fresh* cherry tomatoes....and at this point, possibly realize your pan is to small and you need to transfer everything to a larger pan.

Or maybe that's just me. 

Let the tomatoes cook up for about 3 minutes before adding the final ingredient:  Fresh pesto!  (oh, how I'll miss you $1 farmer's market basil!!!) 
Stir it all up and heat for a few minutes and it's ready to hit the table THAT quickly!

Top with goat cheese...and wallah!  A sorta fancy & all sorts of delicious dinner that you can whip up in under 20 minutes! 

And this dish of simple ingredients packs a flavor EXPLOSION!  Herby, garlicy pesto + tangy goat cheese + sweet tomatoes + crispy puffed gnocchis = flavors that CAN'T be beat.  You MUST try this one ASAP...it takes NO TIME and tastes beyond fantastic!  
And this dish was appropriate for yesterday because it had all of the fresh flavors of a spring/summer dish....that we had on a 70 degree day today in Jersey.  A day as in "I don't need a coat."  Alright, Mother Nature-it's nice & all, but I'm ready for some bundled up and brisk days as Thanksgiving gets closer.  Don't let me down.  hehhehehe

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!J
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