Saturday, November 12, 2011

Brrrr..... :)

Winter coat?  Check.  Blustery Morning?  Check.  Coffee to-go cup firmly in hand?  Check.  On this chilly & brisk November morning we were up bright and early to catch the Great Harvest Bread wormJ

Although, first order of business?  SUGAR!  Ok, ok..."breakfast"J  We just had to start the day with a trip to McMillian Bakery for their famous cream filled donuts (this time, sans powdered sugar which made you REALLY taste the cream!)  Always a delicious sugar high treat.

And then of course, onward to the Collingswood Farmer's Market.  I'm almost baffled how quickly these trees went from freshly bloomed to Autumn hues!  (of course...that's only in hindsight!  Summer feels ETERNAL while your living through itJ) 

And once we got to the market, signs of the season were allll around!

Loved all of the reds in this picture... 

We stocked up on all of our favorites...

Especially our fresh seasonal goodies! 

10 full size sweet potatoes for $4.00?  Yes, please:)  (a good reason to always eat 'in season' folks!  It's always cheaper!)

And LOTS of greenage!  I feel like this house has been LACKING in greenage!!!!!! 

We also brought home a mini jug of ASIAN PEAR CIDER  (sooooooo delicate & light!) 

And a loaf of THIS!!  An item I had waited a WHOLE YEAR FOR!!!   MWAH HA HA!
I'll share this magical "secret ingredient" soon...but I will say that I'm already saving 1/4 of it in the freezer because it is going to make the WORLD'S BEST "Day after Thanksgiving sandwich!" hehehehehe...J

On our drive home, we made a stop at my in-law's house...where I was completely obsessed with taking pictures of the tree in their front yardJ 

The sun shining on the BRIGHT leaves was just FALL MAGIC! 

Alright...I'm actually going to have to get ready for our night out VERY soon!  ('s only 3:30J)  I hopefully should have a fun post to show you for my "weekend roundup."  Have a GREAT weekend everyone (and if you're in NJ...go enjoy the last of these GORGEOUS FALL days!!!!!)

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