Monday, May 16, 2011


Yet another weekend that flew by in a whirl.  Albeit, this particular one was in a SUGAR whirl!

I started off the drizzly Saturday morning at my first trip to the Collingswood farmer's market this year! 

And the first order of business, OF COURSE, was to get some goodies for breakfastJ  We started with some fantastic fresh squeezed orange juice from Tortilla Press....

And even though I KNEWWWWW there was plenty of sugar & chocolate in my future, I just was DYING for a blondie bar from Great Harvest...
As good as I remember themJ  Complete with carmely, buttery edges of deliciousnessJ  I even tried a half a slice of honey wheat bread my friend had bought and I thought it was one of the tastiest breads ever.  Perfectly light and chewy.  Love Great Harvest

And even though there wasn't TOO many fruits & vegetables for sale just yet, early May is PRIME strawberry session and they were plentiful and as far as the eye can seeJ

I made sure 2 bushels came home with me, along with some broccoli, red leaf lettuce, fresh basil, thin asparagus and some "Pine Barrens" Jersey honey....
Not a bad haul for early in the season.  Can't wait till the corn & peaches start rollin in!

So were gonna fast forward to Saturday night, because was just so good that I can't keep from talking about it any longer.  And our great night revolved around a GREAT occasion:  Our niece, Isabela's, 12th birthday!J
And what better way to celebrate the big 1-2, then with a trip to the Max Brenner's "Chocolate by the Bald man" on Walnut Street in Philadelphia!
And the title of this post came about because as we each tried all of the things we ordered (AND sampled everyone ELSE'S)...the only phrase at the table was "Oh my God.  Oh my God, that is SO good!"  I don't think one item didn't get our "OMG Stamp of Approval" J

...even down to my mint lemonade granita.....yow!  A light & airy 'whipped lemonade' mixed with ground mint.  Talk about refreshing!

We started with the mini white corn croquettes, stuffed with white corn & manchego cheese.  But our favorite was the spicy little dipping sauce they snuck in on the bottom of each of these.  Too good!

And next was our main meal.  Izzy got the highly recommended (and highly enjoyed!) "Brenner Burger" (she loved the onion rings on top), Scott had the spicy chicken burger with roasted peppers & jack cheese....

And I was very happy with my choice:  The steak panini topped with caramelized onions, spinach, roasted tomatoes, red pepper ailoi and mmmmm...asiago CHEESE CRISPS!
The crisps gave just enough CRUNCH to go along with the pillowy ciabata bread and savory toppings.  SOOO GOOD!!!

All of our sandwiches were served with waffle fries dusted with chili AND COCOA powder!  I'm a gal who loves a running themeJ

But let's not kid around...all of that food was just an appetizer to the main star of the show:  The desserts...
Note that the dessert menu was WAY larger than the food menuJ hahahahhahahahahaha...We each picked a dessert that we all shared and everything went around the table several times.  Sharing is caring, right? 

The birthday girl got the appropriately named "OMG Chocolate Chunk Cookie."  Izzy loved pouring the little 'extra' container of chocolate on all of her bitesJ  That thing was sweet & sinful!  Perfectly birthday appropriateJ

Scott's dessert was ALMOST my choice and I'm so glad I got to try it!  It was called the "Salty Caramel Chocolate Concoction" which was sea salt mousse speckled with crepe flakes & spicy peanuts.  It was soooo rich, but just HEAVENLY!  I must say, this got the "it tastes like Christmas" stamp!  It was so very dreamy.

And lastly, my MAMMOTH dessert..."The spectacular melting chocolate S'mores sundae"....small & petite, right????

Thankfully, I had some help in making a DENT in the thing!! J

It was dark chocolate gelato & vanilla ice cream covering a marshmallow layer swirled with crepe flakes & chocolate covered graham cracker pieces.  Although, my personal favorite was the torched marshmallow on topJ

Anddddd, ya know, since it was Izzy's birthday and all...we figured we'd tack one more thing on there in the form of the chocolate cream & hazelnut milkshake (served in an Alice in Wonderland inspired cupJ)

Let's just says Scott's reaction was more of the PG-13 side of the spectrumJ  It was just simply TOO. DIE. FOR.  We all sorta agreed that it was the best drink ANY of us had EVER tried.  Psychotically good!
So, needless to say...we LOVED our night at Max Brenner's!!!  Every last thing was just "OMG" goodJ 

And thankfully, you have a whole city to stretch out in to work off your sugar highJ hahahahahaha...

But yeah...our 'sugar fest' continued into Sunday morning, when we decided that Kristen's "No yeast/No Rise Cinnamon Rolls" were going to be our morning project...
We whipped these together from scatch in UNDER AN HOUR and they were just PERFECT! 

And I can't even say the 'sugar-fest' ended there, as there was still an Oreo Blizzard birthday cake at my in-law's in the afternoon.  OY!  So let's just say I am SUGARED OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!  Today starts an 'excess sugar ban' for...well, as long as I can hold out.  hahahahahahahhaha  And in the spirit of 'getting back on track,' here were my workouts from last week:

Monday:  45 minutes dance & weights + 45 minute lunch walk + 1 hour pilates

Tuesday:  Body by Bethenny 40 minutes yoga + 45 minute lunch walk + Bethenny Weights x 2 + "Booty Blast" x 2

Wednesday:  (can't beleive I'm admittig this:)  "FTS" Lower Body + Arms, Abs & Legs  (It had been a loooooooong time since I did that video and was shocked at how 90's it looked:)

Thursday:  30 minutes dance & weights

Friday:  25 minute Body Slimming yoga

Saturday:  1 hour + Power Yoga

I'm sooooo ready for a "noraml day" after all that weekend craziness!  I'll be sharing some of my 'ultra' detox meals with you for the next few days.  I know, exciting huh?

Have a great Monday, everyone!!!


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Rachel @ Rachel's Recipe Reviews said...

Uh, no yeast, no rise? Count me in! I have to try those.

Miriam said...

I personally am craving a blonde brownie right at this very moment, thank you very much! :), Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

Amanda- Eating in Winnipeg said...

oh i love that restaurant too!! I went there when I was in new york, so tasty!

Patty said...

That blondie bar looks amazing! Everything in your post did. I was drooling while reading :) I used to go to a Great Harvest store in MN (if it's the same). I sooo miss the variety of stores that I used to have access to :( Thanks for stopping by my blog Donna!

Tina said...

This looks like it was a real fun food adventure-I love outdoor markets. The food photos really look delicious. Glad you enjoyed it!

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