Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Blog break...

Hey everyone, sorry for the delay but between yoga school, job hunting and Katie, I'm going to have to take a bit of a blogger break for the time being!  So sorry and hopefully I'll be back up to speed soon!

Friday, October 24, 2014

LESS whining always appreciated...

Thursday Recap:

Breakfast- Cracker Barrel 
Another Thursday/another morning at Cracker Barrel and another chance for Katie to play with the toys at the storeJ

I went with the wholesome fixins menu again, going for the 110 calories of turkey bacon & 150 calories of cheese grits.  I obv was in a SAVORY moodJ

Meanwhile, Katie didn't mind digging into Nona's blueberries pancakes.  Good thing Nona didn't mindJ

Lunch- Saladworks
I haven't had Saladworks in about 3 years and yet I think I've had it 5 times in the last monthJ  And even though they have a lot of good combos (and a FALL variationJ), I just can't STOP myself from having my traditional Cabo Jack Fiesta saladJ  Roasted red peppers, corn medley, white beans, cheese and grillled chicken = always a winnerJ

Dinner- Lasagna Soup
A chilly & rainy night just called for one of our all-time favorite soups...and one even Katie dug in to.

Truth be told, this was one of our most CALM dinners in QUITE awhile.  Katie's become a pretty big breakfast or lunch person, but usually dinner is a STRUGGLE.  She'll normally at least try a few bites of dinner, so I don't mind if she's not overly hungry at the end of the day...but LESS whinig about it is always appreciated, and yesterday was the LEAST whining in awhileJ  I'LL TAKE ITJ
Oh the usual 'toddler fun' of her tasting and eating ANYTHING while she's at my elbows while I'm cooking, but put the SAME EXACT food in front of her at meal time and she has no interestJ  Such is probably the case for any other parent/toddler combo on the planetJ  "Sitting still" is certainly not high on her priotiry list at the momentJ

Seriously SO GOOD!

Alright...well, I can't believe we are T-minus one week until Halloween!  Craziness...but this weekend will start all of the fun activites for KatieJ  We have some fun ones coming up this week and I think I'm more excited than everyone (does this shock you??J)  Hope you guys have some fun stuff planned!

Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The #1 requirement of breakfast this time of year...

Wednesday Recap:

Much like the same Trader Joe's Steel Cut Oats I posted about years ago, but this time with the additional POP of quinoa for extra protein.

And, of course, the odd joy of seeing your breakfast OATS like THIS:

Topped with some extra cinnamon & nutmeg, this was filling enough to last for HOURS, plus just enough sweetness from the brown sugar & maple to make it FALL LOVE.  Which is OBVIOUSLY the most important part of breakfast at this time of yearJ

Lunch- Leftover Lasagna Spaghetti Squash
Yep, we're still pretending it looked like the above pictureJ  It was, HOWEVER, just as delicious the second time aroundJ

Dinner- Baked Potato with Leftover Chili
This was an old picture (so we didn't have that side of roasted cabbage last night) but given my lack of REAL photo from my spaghetti squash, I figured an old picture was better than no picture.  (especially given that I was SOHUNGRY that I plowed through dinner before I even THOUGHT about taking said picture...oppsJ)

Workout:  Body Jam
The new release was intricate but soooooooooooooooo good!  Definitely a cardio workout!

And we'll just pretend that was the amount of whipped cream I ate and not went all obscene after I snapped this photoJ

Well, another rainy day in Jersey today.  I guess we can't complain too much given that I can't remember the last time it rained + it makes it feel QUITE HALLOWEEEEEEEEEN-ish.  Can't even believe the big H is NEXT WEEK!  I'm slowly trying to convince Katie of her costume, which I foolishly bought in August (cause I'm a lunatic), unaware that she'd have an OPINION by OctoberJ.  She keeps telling me she's going to be Scooby-Doo, buttttttt that's not exactly the caseJ  We'll see how THIS one goes for my VERY indepandant thinking 2 year oldJ

Alright...better run out!  Have a great Thursday!J

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Kid's classic...

Monday Recap:

Breakfast- Almond & Coconut KIND bar

Lunch- Crispy Chicken Salad
So after a stop at a playground for Katie, my Mom & I made a stop at the perennial kid classic:  Friendly's!  I used to LOVEEEE when we had a Friendly's at our local mall and that would be the 'fancy dining option' (aka-NOT McDonald's) on our monthly trip via bus (which made it a HUGE deal).  It was ESPECIALLY essential during our Christmas time 'power shopping' outings.  THEMS were the daysJ

Anyway, this salad wasn't the healthiest of pick on their menu of veritable caloric-potholes, but still a step up from their sandwiches & burgers (which I used to eat with such abandonJ).  Sometimes I'd rather ditch the calories from the dressing (and suggested hard-boiled egg) for the crispy chicken.  A little more calories from the grilled version, but a worthwhile 'splurge' on occasion for me.

And of course we had to get Katie the classic 'cone head' ice cream sundaeJ  It's everything that's right in a kid's worldJ

Dinner- Lasagna Stuffed Spaghetti Squash
Sooooooo I mixed cooked spaghetti squash with diced tomatoes, ground turkey, garlic, Parmesan & ricotta and called it lasagna stuffed spaghetti squash....until the squash 'shells' cracked and made for a VERY unappealing LOOKING dinner. (And I say this knowing FULL WELL that all of my pics aren't THAT appealing looking all the time.J)  BUT at the end of the day, it WAS a delicious combo...but we'll just pretend it looked like THIS pictureJ

Workout:  Power Yoga

Dessert- Tall "Skinny Vanilla Cream"
So I met one of my favorite yoga friends (Hi Sharon!) for "coffee" last night, but since I wasn't in much of a 'caffine' mood post-yoga class (and decaf makes me dizzy & shaky...weird, right??), I settled for one of my ole 'skinny favs':  Steamed non-fat milk with a pump of sugar-free vanilla syrup with a sprinkle of cinnamon & nutmeg.  Clocks in around 120 calories for a warm & cozy/non-caffeinated drink...yumJ

Alrighty...time to get this day started.  It's supposed to be another sunny one in Jersey.  Hope you have a great Tuesday!
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